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Vanilla Fudge

May 22, 2008 by  
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Lushness caress my soul
Soft sensuous dream emerges
creamy vanilla longings
oozing bruising my stuckness
sweet rich ripeness
caress my passion
flow river into my desires
the drone of charismatic space
luscious elegant lady
vanilla fudge
release me
arms embrace my face
full and ripe
staccato tones unfolding
orgasms frees my mind
rich and sweet like you
creamy vanilla dream
I emerge and swoon
sticky sweet
like honeyed lips
nectar dripping
my cocoon tenacious dangles
as I caress the breath of the wind
fragrance so rich I scream awake the night
Come take my soul
upon a trip
unraveling tattered webs
whose compost grows new fruit
luscious lady
scrape away the scars
invite me to dance
lips open
inhaling a new day
I dance now
gracious luscious lady myself
caressed by a vision
emerging myself
sweet vanilla fudge
I now decorate the world
with my love

Ode to a Flower – Morgine Jurdan 5/3/98

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