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Body Sacred Garmet

January 12, 2009 by  
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the body is a sacred garment in which I experience my life   without I could not taste and savor my food, feel the silkiness or softness of my clothes, make love to my lover, hear the birds singing, walk barefoot in the snow   my body is truly a work of art, a master created such an exquisite machine which breaths by itself, pumps the blood around takes in and eliminates without my conscious  attention   how very incredible a Being it is and I am   I do need to remember this sacred garment worn by my soul and treat it with loving kindness  appreciate the treasure it truly is   and never take it for granted    for me that means more a mental journey of living appreciation and listening to its calling   paying attention   when it needs rest, or wants more water, or would like to take a walk    not anything forced upon it  no rigid diet or exercise program  just honoring its wisdom and listening to my inner voice so I can wear this sacred garment with sacred awareness for many more decades to come

© Morgine Jurdan

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