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coming Home

August 28, 2011 by  
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how to blow the wind
seed the soil
nourish the plants
i look upon a world
with amazing eyes
inhale the fragrance
of flowers
cascading waterfalls
my heart beating
blood flows
the body knows
what to do
without direction
no detecting the magic
of it all
microscopic motions
keeping me alive
and thriving

microscopic beings
tunneling through the soil
swimming in streams
sun beams warming
growing new life
the magic
is already here
in the food i eat
woven into my clothes
magic flowing
wherever I go
and go and go
alive within its creation
its breath
breathing me
being the air
I  inhale

through its eyes i see
feeling its heart beating
inside mine
moving my legs
by my beauty
it in wonder
it moves with me
moving through
the fabric of my body
freely exploring
the magic

i am that
into which i pour myself
expanding contracting
becoming letting go
there is no space
in which i
cease to exist
i am the balance
not  yet experienced
the pause
between breaths

reside inside all cells
alive and thriving
ignored and not explored
arising with my breath
always being invited
to dance with life
i was lost
to create my own
when home
was always surrounding me
inviting me to dance
into every present moment
nothing “to do”
only say

© Morgine Jurdan 8-26-2011

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