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Infinite Love P.S.

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(unconditional love …  freedom)

infinite love
just that
seamless endless forever
embraces everything
denies nothing
erases all definitions
no good or bad
no right or wrong
everything is perfect
it just IS ….
hugging or beating are equally embraced
as the CHOICES I make
forgiveness is not “needed”
guilt is not “needed”
no longer necessary
optional choices
choices I make
through the eyes of the infinite
through those unconditional eyes
all marks are erased
only perfection is seen
embracing all I am and ever will be
provides the true “freedom”
to be
just me
the God I AM

© Morgine Jurdan


i am all
inside the cells
the well is empty
the middle and the ends
never finding each other
the place
this mess
is me
seeking peace
the bottom of the well
i fell inside
from my own light
i painted over
my eyes
my own brilliance
hard to bear
the stones
i carved alone
bore only my name
Morgine © 3-15-2011

slicing the cocoon
the bloom opens
i fly free
dripping iridescence
not knowing how
breathing trust
the air softly
carries me away
calling my name

love’s hostage
infinite circles
embrace me
take me inside
trance like vision
i prison myself
inside the vulnerability
giving without receiving
joyful dances
love’s grace
leaves traces
asking nothing
in return
the burning desire
only to give
to share
bare threads
or rich garments of pearls
joy filled twirling lights
nights’ treasures
love’s infinite face
in every cell
of my being
i am home …
© Morgine Jurdan

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