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Stories distracting me from my Essence and dropping in…

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I have spent so much time living my stories until a couple years ago when I began developing partnerships with friends who would call me on my stories.  People lovingly unwilling to listen to why this was happening or that, this excuse here, this blame there. I learned to be quiet and go inside and hear my own wisdom. I learned to drop in on myself and be with the essence of me.  I can walk along a road in nature surrounded by beauty and love and inspiring vistas and be lost in my stories, my mind filled with thoughts. Or I can drop into the essence of the moment, be still and connect with life, which is always speaking to me, whispering into my ear. Everything is God speaking to me. I have learned, every question I ever asked is being answered when I just take time to listen. Dropping in has taught me to become more aware of every precious moment and how rare they are. Each a one of a kind original, never to be repeated again. Dropping in to the essence of here and now dramatically change the essence of my entire life making it more richer, vibrant and magical. I am an ever evolving moment instead of a person living in a reality I don’t understand.


2 Responses to “Stories distracting me from my Essence and dropping in…”
  1. Taiwaner says:

    In my opinion we have to listen our self heart,stem carefully as we use a needle between thread.
    Outside too noisy and abstract our attention and intensional
    Be glad to listen this part.
    and I also enlighten and awake.

  2. Paloma says:

    Wonderfully said Morgine. Thank you. We can learn the attitude you describe the animals who live in the moment and are connected to Mother Earth and themselves. They teach us how to go inside, how to listen to our heart and how to live from the inside out.

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