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Open Letter to Mr. Bill Cosby

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Open Letter to Mr. Bill Cosby.

Dear Mr. Bill Cosby,

I have been a fan of yours for decades, watching your programs on television, loved your wholesome humor and working with children. I admire your gifts and talents and what you have done to make the world a better place.

I also do not like or approve of your actions in the past. I do not believe every woman coming forward is truthful. There are always those jumping on the bandwagon in hopes of getting some of the financial gain along the way. I seriously doubt, however, Mr. Bill Cosby, they are all untrue. If even One Single Story regarding “rape” is true, this Matters a great deal to me as a woman! Millions of women’s lives the world over have been traumatized physically, mentally and emotionally by even just one single incident! Many times for life, Mr. Cosby, … for life!

Why is this so? Because most women have to deal with it ALL ALONE! The trauma of sharing it, being interrogated as if they were at fault, being shunned by their family, boy friends and so on, is too great a burden to bear! They need help, counseling, love, …. and get none! Perhaps you could talk to a few of your own peers, even women of color, and ask them about their experiences? I am sure they would be willing to share! Why not start with Oprah!

Rape is rampant around the world. In some countries it is even legal. For countless generations, men in the military of many different countries, have raped women before killing them during wars. Rape exists in our own military, in colleges and other schools across our country. It is something which Needs To Be Healed. The time is NOW!

No matter how hard we try, when we lie and do things which hurt others, eventually, the “truth” is often revealed. I read about what our government was doing decades ago, and now it is finally in main stream media. We are having to admit we have committed crimes as gruesome as others whom we have accused of such horrendous things! We have to admit where we have failed to act “humanely” and “with integrity” in a world where “We” claimed be to beyond such actions.

Your wife and daughter tell us you are the same person we knew you to be. I doubt any man in our country would sit down with his soon to be wife, or later his children, and tell them, “Oh, by the way, I need to share that in my past I have made improper advance towards women, drugged them, and raped one (or a few).” I cannot imagine anyone doing that and hoping the person would still marry them and respect them! Just because “they did not know about this” does not mean You did not ever carry out these actions against these women!

I am asking You, Mr. Bill Cosby, Icon of Decency, Family Values, Integrity and the like, to PROVE TO US, your loyal audience of decades, that You still DO hold these Values to be True!! I want you to look into the Mirror and decide, for yourself, HOW you are going to approach this matter, other than Hiding in Silence. This is what women have been Forced to do for far too long. It is time for a change.

YES you could face legal actions. YES you might even end up going to jail. I don’t know. The Point is this: What kind of Legacy are you going to leave your own children? What kind of Role Model are you being right now?

I leave you with this thought, Mr. Bill Cosby. You invite one of your best friends over to dinner, a very popular, well respected man. You wife Or your daughter pulls you aside and tells you they would prefer you change your plans. They did not want to tell you, however, ten years ago, this very person took advantage of them and raped them. They had not told anyone for fear of it going public and bringing negative attention to your family and hurting your career. However, they just do not want to face this person at dinner in their own home. How would you respond, Mr. Bill Cosby? Would you ask them to just forgive and forget? How would you feel about this friend of yours now? Would you feel it was no big deal? Nothing to get public about?? If it were someone in your OWN family to whom this had been done? Think deeply about your answer!

Do YOU have the Courage to make a statement to the world?? That the time has come to Own our Past, whatever that takes. To somehow make amends. To act with the Honesty, Integrity, Compassion and Love your have portrayed so well these past many decades, and  your family claims still exist inside your today. THIS is my question to you today. PROVE to us, you are really the Man your family claims you to be.

Sincerely, Morgine Jurdan

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