poetry at 3 AM


thoughts of me

wine pours forth

well seasoned in barrels

the fragrance appealing

filling nostrils with blissful aromas

time has made the essence of perfection

rose colored glass in liquid form

a master’s creation

so I flow from my own lips

pouring out myself into the world

my own unique fragrance

spilling out and finding bliss

in the moment of unveiling




I see myself

in your face

love pours forth

in the reflection of me

I have known so long

the mirror is mine

and yet I hide

from myself

who am I to be

so lovely

so refreshing

so new

I blamed you

for not knowing

who it was

I was afraid

the glory of me

is seen in your eyes

and I had difficulty

recognizing myself


a man danced in the corner

and I sang

playing my heart

on his

where we touched

our music healed

the momentary


we saw each other

and we knew

the time is now

and we must dance

holding hands

we come back

into ourselves

and are blessed

time waits for no one

and we took the time

to hold out our hands

and connect our hearts

© Morgine Jurdan

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