Trusting Myself

I step into my day

content with all that is

no longings

no sadness

no one tugging at me to go another way

I live in the now

appreciating the sunshine on my shoulders

the rain kissing my face

mother earth caressing my feet and hands

as I dig in the soil planting flowers

the richness of now

takes my breath away

the beauty which surrounds me always

brings me home

to the god I truly am

how can I doubt myself

when the trees keep blooming

each year in a new and different way

each leaf creating itself anew

each flower and blade of grass

growing and flowing

with the river of life

I too can trust

all is well

inside my own heart

I feel the beating of all these other hearts

who trust what is

who bask in the contentment

of themselves

and their creations

I step into my day now

filled to overflowing

with love and contentment

trusting all is well

and knowing I am

my own tree

firmly planted

on my own path

and certain

that all is well

in my own creations.

© Morgine Jurdan March 19, 2006

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