The singing in your ears
will lead to tears of discovery
Inside the mind
confines the tunes of doom
and looms a story of allegory
Beware the diamond which strikes the eyes

Inside the chasm of delight
sparkles through the true story
Before time made a scene
Before life came the gleam
in your eye
Become as if one
Inside a wide sky and
dream it alive
Your Creation

Be drawn in and around
drawn up and drawn down
to surround yourself
in Creation.
The wizard sits still
atop the green hill
alone …
amidst her creations
She candles the wax
unleashes the bats
and caresses
those loving quotations
Embryos form
in silence to mourn
the death of an idea
that was waiting
And others are still
engulfed in the will
to Explode

Divine is the will
that sits still on the sill
and connects with the will
… waiting to be
The story comes sung
the music is fun
delighting those yearning to hear it
Sit softly today
and hear far away
the music which sings to your heart
It echoes a chant
and into romance
and life which is rich, overflowing
Come sing it today
till it sweeps you away
into glorious union awaiting
The dawn will then come
in which songs are then sung
and hearts become one.

Morgine Jurdan © March 26, 1997

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