Some moment in time
Long, long ago
I saw your face
and recognized Love

You nourished me
and fed my Soul
long before we touched
long before I even knew your name

You rocked me to sleep
amidst my scary dreams
you gave me your smile
when I had none to give myself

You were my friend
I now know
long before I could speak
the word

Becoming your friend
took time
and yet I knew
we knew the truth

When we finally touched
your lips meeting mine
I knew what it was like
to experience God in my life

This morning when we touched
I felt the same
Once again God
was reflected through you

Moment to moment now
we live our dreams
we create Magic
we create Pain
we create our struggles
the rain
the rainbows
the Magic

I do not know
where we will go
today or tomorrow
I merely surrender
to life
to love
to me

Forever grateful
for Every Single Moment
we have touched
and shared
the many faces
of Love

all honesty
before God
and my angels
I could not have imagined
a more wonderful
than you have been
to me

If I had any part
in helping to create you
or attract you to me
or contract your services
into my life
I compliment myself
on doing a Perfect

For I could die today
and still know
my life was SO fulfilling
sharing my dreams
with someone
who at least
understands them
and does not laugh

There are no words
to express
my feelings on this day
and how grateful
I am to share my life
with you

My deepest wish
for this moment
is this …
God can reach down
into your heart
at this moment
and fill you to overflowing
with the Love…
All the love of the Universe
flowing through
God’s fingertips
and into your heart
showing you for a moment
how much
and how deeply
about You…

I ask God
to show you
for this Moment
how truly BEAUTIFUL
a Being you truly are
and to let you know
and FEEL
at the Deepest, Deepest
levels of your Soul and Being
you ALREADY are Doing and Being and Giving
Who You Are to all of us……

All these things you feel
you have left undone
commitments to fill
unfinished business
come from the place of the Mind
the Ego
searching and searching endlessly
to know itself

already ARE Incredible
and so much more

Thank you
for Being You
and showing me
all about Love
and all the many faces is wears
You are Unique among men
and women
and before God
to have blessed myself
with your presence
in my life
for so long

My dreams
with you in them………
Perhaps we will share
more anniversaries…
April 6th, 2002 Morgine

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