Beautiful Father

Shadows come and go
Across the sky
and into the moment born
Am I

Across the sky
in morning’s dawn
upon the lake
you are drawn

We dance
We sing
and into the wind
we give birth
to a song

You are a cradle
holding the well
of love
your child

You are the temple
Inside the moon
playing games

Forgotten treasures
lay inside
your heart
and you
unfold them
your child

You speak wisdom
you cradle
their hearts
You awaken
their minds
You give them
the world

You are
the sunrise
across the sky
painting rainbows
on our days

reach into my heart
and pull out
the world
for me
to play with

You also
hold Me
in your arms
Protect me
Save Me
Father Me

At distant moments
I feel
You are all
to us
And you freely
Ours to Love
to Hold
to Embrace

The sun
and moon
and stars
cannot shine as brightly
as your Love

Blessed are WE
who sit in the shadows
of your Grace
the Radiance
of your Smile
the arms
of your Love

Father dear Father
we are Grateful
to be
to Love

Morgine 9/2002

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