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Beautiful Friends,

life begins again…
time away bungalow ocean breezes no interruptions just me with me.. where am I going what is calling me what is the best thing for me “to do” right now where do I find inner peace..

they KEY to life is never in what I do it really does not matter what I do there is no right and wrong answer, no good or bad path to take in fact there are no mistakes the Key is ……….who I am BEING when I am living my life who am I “b e i n g” when I am doing all that DO-ing? Life is filled with endless choices unlimited destinations places to go things to do really who I am, an extension of God experiencing itself as me… has no real agenda it experiences itself through how I am “being” when I am doing

I can be peaceful walking on the beach, meditating, writing, eating , cooking, vibrantly dancing… Someone else might be peaceful racing a car, climbing a mountain, shooting targets, painting a house. we are each Unique … It IS the Experience itself which is most meaningful and not what does or does not get “done”, finished, completed… who am I being writing my book is more important than if I finish or not I am writing for myself, for the experience of writing for yet another opportunity to just “be” me authentic real when I am Being….. the “doing” comes more naturally, more organically more of my senses are alive my experiences richer and deeper

when I am lost in the doing, for the sake of doing, I miss out on life the experience is shallow and often dull, boring, tiring I get lost in the doing and shoulds and why and deadlines, goals, agendas and I can bury myself in the bottom line of life

the real MAGIC of life comes when I make a conscious choice on how I am going to Choose to Experience every moment, instead of looking for what kinds of moments might fulfill me as god …I am always satisfied with what is, the magic is always present because I see myself as that Essence from which i am creating myself and into which I happily place myself day by endless day

when I make the conscious Choice on how I am choosing to experience life …it flows “to me” and an endless array of wonderful things come pouring through my door the seeking ends and the living begins

endless gratitude for your help in getting me here….endless smiles on the waves of life soaking it all in……….. Morgine

it is like being a child again God shares…. the game of pretending…. I do clearly remember a few friends and people I have come to know who never gave up their dream to become a pilot or a nurse or play the violin they often went through many things to get there… lived lives that had struggles or confusion or whatever and yet their dreams did come true. ..they never stopped dreaming and pretending “to be” those people… the pilot the nurse, the musician, the artist …that was part of their day acting “as if” they were already living that life

so how would my life become different IF I believed every single thought I thought affected my reality… there was a Genie keeping track of my thoughts and they all became real some place some where … positive negative beneficial not beneficial …everything without exception became true only I did not experience it all in this time and place since there are more than one me

if I knew that to be true then I might act differently pretend more act as if I were “living vibrant well being” pretend I was exactly as I dreamed myself to be people were responding to me in magical ways I was eating what I desired doing what I wanted living where I wanted so no matter what I actually ate I always pretended I was eating what I wanted to be eating no matter how I look I always pretend I look exactly as I desire no matter how much money is in the bank I am pretending I have as much as I desire after all life is an illusion I am living as an extension of god playing a game in this reality so why not live it that way instead of the way I have been living!!!

imagine I am living that life pretending to BE the person I desire to be spending money going places having a strong vibrant body driving my ideal car BECAUSE BECAUSE BECAUSE that makes so much more sense and is so much MORE FUN than the way I have been doing it!! Why live the reality I have already created with my old thoughts. Why not live the reality I have created with NEW FUN THOUGHTS instead and see what happens!! dreaming the new dream inside the old manifested one!!! FEELS GOOD to me!!
9/30/2008 Morgine Jurdan

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