love made visible

love made visible

how I do everything is a reflection of my inner state of being, my essence who I am    my Being-ness   whether I am baking, writing, helping a friend, watering my plants.

everything I do is filtered through these feelings, this essence of my being  how very true to contemplate one’s actions through thoughts of love and how my very being is affecting the doing and whatever is resulting from the two.

thank you Gibran for reminding me to mind my thoughts, to smile more, to bring Grace and Joy and Love to anything and everything I am doing

in doing so, I am transformed and what I am doing or creating takes on a new vibrancy, a different kind of aliveness, a more inspiring essence and the mirror I receive in return, will grace my life and we all will be blessed

may the essence I am, become  the essence of what I do, following my heart’s longing and allowing its’ voice to flavor all I do in every moment

may I grace the world as the flowers and all of nature grace me and create more magic every day with the way we meet and greet each moment

© Morgine Jurdan

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