praising my own geography

I praise my own geography at last….

I am so grateful for my beautiful oasis of flesh which carries me about in this garden of life.  Each little dimple and wrinkle, each crevice and valley all my own. There is no where else on earth I could find a place such as this, so divine and uniquely me.  I rub my hands gently absorbing the stories it tells me of holding life and birthing babies, slicing and taking away my gallbladder, walking up mountains, climbing trees and jumping off.  I remember walking across coals and never being burnt. I remember the soul telling me to go ahead because it was all an illusion anyway.  My beloved body carries me to and through every moment there is and beyond, allowing me to respond to life and its glorious magnificence.  Feeling the wet grass beneath my feet, snowflakes coating my hair.  I inhale the fragrance of Freesias, appreciate their vibrant colors and taste chocolate upon my lips, all with this tool in which I can experience the Divine and the all which I am.

© Morgine Jurdan

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  1. I have much to learn from you, beautiful woman!

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