savor your bliss

when you find bliss savor it, roll it around on your tongue for a while, inhale the fragrance of the moment, because IT will never come again to be sure

I remember giving birth to my children, never experiencing  similar moments  again   tasting certain foods and the second time around to the same restaurant, did not garnish me similar results

love in the moment, watching a sunset, making love with someone you cherish and adore, are all too soon gone from your view to become only a memory painted inside some cell of your body.

yes I truly want to take it all in and enjoy the bliss, every single morsel of it, for as long as I can

breathe it in    S L O W it down   there are those ever so precious moments which are so ripe and full and overflowing with luscious love, sweet tastes, overwhelming fragrances I want to remember forever and ever

now I will remember to dive in fully and swim around for as long as I can, taking into myself all the rich details and enjoying their amazing affect upon my experience and allowing them to linger after wards until they disappear like a sunset below the horizon and onto another one!

© Morgine Jurdan

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