Love Poems

The gentle way you caress his skin
the moments you stop and just look into his eyes
you are so present
you are the present
you are the NOW
whisper your name to me
softly repeat its song
morgine  morgine more gine  more jean  Morgine
a melody of love
played on the breath of a star
as it travels through space
caught up in your name
you sit waiting the phone
awaiting the person’s whose perfection
resonates with your own
two perfect Beings
dancing together
finding their song
love dancing in the moonlight
your love is boundless and endless
you are everything
you need nothing more
you came and you go as you are
Perfectly YOU

Beauty lingers in your eye
a fragrance, a flower, a drop of dew upon a web
a spider’s dance held in glass
your treasures are your own
and no one can take them away
beauty is beholding
to the seer in the moment
and then forever gone
as your love
always alive
always changing
forever old and new
always slightly different
unexpected delights
unknowing moment


another manifestation

of God……..

I am ALWAYS beautiful

as radiant as any star, as any sun, as any rainbow

I am always Perfectly being ME

Perfect in each moment

Loving myself and knowing

surrender is only moments away

I am God

waiting to wake up

to Myself…….

January 10, 2002

Per Julie my Quaker Parakeet  ………. songs for Morgine ~ helping me see me..

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