I love being out in Nature where I feel so connected to all that is. I love writing about Nature and imagining I am One with her, experiencing life in a fuller and more authentic way. Below are some short writings done from writing prompts, which are for me, like Prayers to Mother Earth and my desire to know and love her more deeply. Morgine

What I ache for is rolling around in nature for endless hours soaking up whatever oozes into my body. I long to be naked in the grass, feel the sun seeping through my pores, have the ocean’s salty tongue wash every cell of my body. I ache to become a part of her, dance inside her, sing her songs, know myself as apart of her richness, her loam, her deep, deep magma, the stuff from which creations are born nurtured and brought forth into form. In understanding her and breathing the rich, ripeness of her essence, I somehow know myself better. I can more clearly dance my own dance and comprehend how my flowers blossom, and into which world I am dancing my being. Breathing in nature throughout every cell, I climb back into myself and can then appreciate all that I am, standing tall and singing my own song, smelling my own richness, and dreaming myself into my own dream once again.
© Morgine Jurdan 2007

Undulating rolling spreading my legs wide apart twirling around on the floor, laying on my back spread wide, I am opening myself up to life again. Breathing deeply, I connect to the Mother, to the Earth, the beating of her heart, the rhythms of life permeating her soil. I want to dance her through my veins again and into life, adding more movement into my life and more life into the way my body moves into love and living.
© Morgine Jurdan 2007

My deepest pleasure is ….
Being in nature in utter silence with my body, mind and spirit,
all my senses fully open to God inhaling with everything
all parts breathing in unison or staggered
it matters not
I inhale the earth
the songs of birds sweeten my lips
pour sunshine across my face
I grace the grass with my body
our essences becoming one
I loose all sense of time
boundaries disappear
I am devouring freshness
sipping up the strength of roots
dining on the babbling of the brook
I am immersed in the pleasure of life itself
pleasuring itself inside of me
outside around and through me
I know the birds feel my beating heart
and are caressed by my smiles
the tree adorned by my embracing its roots with love
here I lie
timeless tears streaming down my cheeks
god pouring herself into my moments
and I receiving her to overflowing
cascading down the soft mounds of skin
and onto the ground
as mother earth sighs in ecstasy
and we are all one.
© Morgine Jurdan 2007
I am one with all of life and every cell of my body is made of the same thing which creates stars, the sun, the moon, earth and plants, my cat, water, food, stones and rivers and oceans. Whirling around and around thoughts tossed here and there, their magic the brushes with which to paint upon the canvas of God and into which form evolves, one particle at a time. What magic life is as I breathe, as god breathes me, as we breathe life into yet another day, another creation. a conversation from which form arises again and again in a never ending stream of creations and perhaps they creating themselves, sunshine and stardust and me, playing forever free amidst the stars of ourselves.
© Morgine Jurdan 2007

My heart yearns to create a deep, lasting and intimate connection with Source, with God, with the Divine. I look out and experience Nature in all its’ divine mystery and beauty and magnificence and I want to connect even more deeply. I so long to climb onto the petals, pollen coating my skin, sinking into the sticky wet center and being sucked into the core essence of the flower’s beauty and Being-ness beyond words! I want the earth to digest me into little pieces, compost my body into soil so that I can become One with its’ true nature, feeling the vibrations in my soul of all of life pattering and pounding upon the breast and body of ME!!! I long to become the raindrop sliding down my face and dripping into a river, rushing out into the ocean opening myself wider than I can imagine and even more, swallowing galaxies and stars and solar systems and yet being quiet enough to breathe the lungs of a new born baby and beat the heart of a wren. Living as love, becoming as God, my world would tumble inside out and the dancing would be cease-less and blissfully overflowing in love.
© Morgine Jurdan 2007

As I inhale God deeply in all her vibrant, colorful and rich forms, I am compelled to the page, my heart pouring its adorations and ever flowing gratitude’s for life. The rivers of love pouring forth from the flowers showering me with their adoring radiance. The trees strong arms winding around my frail spirit in a moment of weakness, carrying me along to my next step. I am always filled to overflowing, bubbling, effervescent with a vitality of life that is never ending and is ever flowing around me and through me, swirling and taking me back home again and again to the source of who I am, in connection with it all that is, and all that I am. I am also my own inspiration and my own dance inspiring myself to breathe my next breath and write my next word.
© Morgine Jurdan 2007
Bare naked in the lightening storm again I am whole, surrounded by nature, inhaling its’ fragrance, the colors pouring in through the pores of my skin and caressing my heart with a beauty deeper than the vision alone, seeing with the eyes of God.

I smell the lightning’s tongue and hear its sizzle in the air around me. My senses reaching out and extending fingers into the eternal space of this place in time. Wow I say to myself, water beating against skin, pouring in and around and sensuously gliding down my body, as if God herself were massaging me with her water, lovingly caressing and dressing me in total awe of life itself! The Aborigines where right, how bright things seem, as if I myself extend into the surrounding trees and bushes, as if my body too is pouring itself upon the green bodies, caressing them with gentle fingers of love, stroking our oneness. Love pours all round me in the loud claps of thunders shooting like yellow swords plummeting into the earth. I feel the beat of the Mother merging and dancing with orgasmic delight, as if they are making love, in and out and in and out, as the clouds bump together and apart, as if playing, or perhaps lost in their own bliss as well. Who am I to know? Dripping, smiling, warmed by this dance of life around me, I shout and dance like a small child gleefully aware there is more here than meets the eye. Gratitude pours from my heart and radiates like sunshine as I become a star myself, smiling and set free. Me me me bare and naked and freely, one with this moment. I inhale its’ fragrance wanting to memorize the bliss kissing myself with the essence I stand within. Excitement dances in my heart as I feel the elements making love to each other, sharing the orgasms of light, each part eager and playful to sing their own dance.
© Morgine Jurdan 2007

When I am among the animals in nature, I feel so close to God, as if she or he were peering directly at me through all those loving eyes. All my senses come alive and I smell more deeply from my soul into the loving essence of Being emanating from their hearts to mine. I see with more than my eyes and their very presence connects me to walking upon my Mother’s breast, her chest, and her naked body of vibrant life. My gratitude swells as I experience the ease and grace with which they live their lives, free of worry and doubt, flowing with the magic, and trusting everything as it is.
They remind me, the Gods they are, of my true authentic Being. How when I am among their bodies, their energy, their innate wisdom, I feel so at home. I know who I am. All doubts fade into the rivers, washing away the decaying lies and cleansing the sticky glue of old worn out habits, lingering amidst the real jewels, always radiating clearly, calling my name in vain it seems. Here before me are the real treasures of my life, animals living their lives as I am meant to do. Just Being and trusting, gracefully flowing in the essence of God. Walking on God, breathing God, eating and singing the praises of myself and all of life around me. I am home, grounded in the truth of my Divine-ness, my own magnificence and grandeur displayed in the reflection of these authentic loving Beings.
“We are you” they whisper, as I lovingly adore them. “Our beauty is your beauty and you are always home. Only a shift in thought, wherever you are, and you are Free, always free. Remember.”
© Morgine Jurdan 2007

I clearly remember spending most of my childhood out of doors in nature. I would play dolls around my house out on the lawn. I would swing, ride my bike, build forts and tree houses with friends. Most of my time-consuming chores centered around weeding, trimming shrubs, doing things outside my house. Living in California this was easy, as the sun, it seemed, perpetually warmed my naked skin, darkening its glowing hues. My favorite memories were those moments spent at the doorstep of my mother the ocean, her waves perpetually coming in to soothe my aching heart, filling it with love, giving me reasons to smile. Her loving touch and the warmth of those sunny days, provided me with all I needed to feel whole and alive again. At least once a month or more, we went to the ocean and I felt so at home. When upset or angry I would take long walks, going nowhere really, except into the deep caverns of my soul. And still today, it is where I most often long to be, to flee to the out of doors, its’ soul and mine intertwined forever in our dance of love.
© Morgine Jurdan 2007

It is amazing how human beings feel if they can name something and somehow, we have captured its’ soul, when in truth, its’ soul catches us. And if we allow, it can take our breath away and connect us with our own soul’s longing, our deepest meaning, the connection to the divine in all things. Naming I feel, diminishes the meaning and value of so many things. It keeps us from being fully present to what is in the moment. We walk by and say, “Oh there is a rose.”, or “I know roses.” Yet, when we pretend we do not know, and we stop and take in the essence of the blessed flower, stop to be with it, in this ever changing moment, we are transformed! We are taken to a new place by the flower, by the experience breathing God in so many delicious incredible forms. Yes what I call it matters not, how I meet and greet it and be one with it, is what truly defines my life and how I choose to experience the love and beauty which constantly surrounds my life, one glorious moment after another. The pleasure gained by removing labels increases the awe and wonder and magic in my life, for then no two moments are the same and stopping to appreciate each one more deeply, helps my soul to live a richer and more fuller life. Life glorious life take me into your bosom and fill me to overflowing with your love.
© Morgine Jurdan 2007

I would rather bury my body in rich green, the mantle of Mother Earth’s bosom, than be wearing diamonds round my neck. There is a richness in Nature I find no where else. Endless rich fragrances inhaled through the pores of my being arrange the waves of energy in my body aligned with bliss. I smile and fall to the ground smiling, beguiled by the songs of birds wrapping around my heart and making me whole again. The wren singing its’ hypnotic call, the water falls singing me asleep on a lazy afternoon, long fingers of the sun peeking in through the thick dark mantle of trees above me. My body shudders in orgasmic delight at the site of heron taking off from the blue crystal lake mirroring majestic mountains behind. How blessed I am to immerse myself in the ever-changing grandeur of life. How blessed to wrap myself inside this divine dream where I can become the beloved, and the beloved becomes me, and freely we breathe one another into ecstasy!! I sing, I dance, I fall to the ground again and again, twirling rainbows around my skin, feet naked as the ground gently kisses my feet. What other lover could be as connected to my core and pour so freely, the elixir of unconditional love endlessly into my being? I am overflowing into my surroundings sharing my orgasmic bliss by kissing all I see with my own love, my own shining radiance, my own beauty and being-ness.
© Morgine Jurdan 2007

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