earth always

there is me
and there is you
there is the world
the cosmos
the universe
and beyond
and beyond
galaxies and galaxies and galaxies
always expanding
never ending
we are magic
magic is who we are
the universe is magic
a holographic wonder
we think
yet facts tumble out of mouths
which once saw the world flat
we believe it to be round
until tomorrow some child
opens the egg
to yet another reality
for us to discover
and live within and from
our world
cannot die
the master creator
the wizard it is
we are
through it
always cradles
its creation
building into each one
of us
the ability to experience
demise and demolition
as the illusion it is meant to be
free and untethered
without old thoughts
free of old ways of thinking
and being
one smiles quietly
and deeply
understanding the forever-ness
over which
we “humans”
have no control
no matter how powerful
we imagine we have become
the one which we are
creating the earth
the planet the stars
galaxies and wonders
beyond our most wondrous
will never allow
earth to perish
at the hands of particles of dust
the love is too deep
the ties too strong
we are along only for the ride
hiding in the shadows
like naughty children
caught in the act
of tearing apart the treasure
only the measurements
are our own
and infinity
holds the key
to eternity and
the planet thrives
inside curtains
only seen
through the purity
of love
without conditions
welcoming all
resisting nothing
there is nothing to fear
because the fall
cannot happen at all
except inside
imprisoned in old thoughts
preventing the truth
from ever being seen

© Morgine July Fourteen Two Thousand Eleven

whose world is this anyway
tiny specks of dust
claiming possession
of this brilliant ball
carelessly creating its fall
into what and where and why
they found themselves upon
this amazing place
learning the magic
of creating inside jars
suddenly think stars
are their next big thing
while they cannot
even explode
outside their
limited imaginations
creations beyond
space and time
i laugh
at my children
who existed once
inside my imagination
playing inside their own
and thinking it is all
somehow real
peeling away the
illusions of structure
time and space
and you
even a trace of them
fools playing with matches
which only burn
the yearnings inside them
wanting to be born
holding more fire
than they could ever create
taking apart the atoms
inside machines
oneness laughing
specks of dust
pretending to be creators
of universes
when they are the very dust
from which they came
which rains into tomorrow
borrowing form
from within
the storms of their own
taking themselves
too seriously
they miss
the joke
the skinned
ceases to be painful
wrapped in the love
of understanding
erasing its trace
what was never lost
with what always

© Morgine the unseen on the scene today
July fourteen  comma  two thousand and eleven
in whose world I wonder are WE counting the moments of infinity
you and me
believing we are free
to see it all ….. and are we

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    • Rahim
    • September 7, 2015

    A secret nook in a pnsaealt land,Whose groves the frolic fairies planned;Where arches green, the livelong day,Echo the blackbird’s roundelay,And vulgar feet have never trodA spot that is sacred to thought and God. – Emerson

  1. Thank you for the quote. Sorry for the late reply! I so seldom get anyone reading my blog posts I have forgotten to check! May love grace your life and magic fill the air around you! Morgine

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