Fielding The Miraculous

tracing our moments
love and bliss pouring
the nature of you
nature adoring herself
wildly thriving
vibrantly being
games played
in our minds
unwind the wildness
untangle the magic
level the field
fill the holes
are creations
holes are to explore
doors to walk through
explode the wonder of you
sparkling fireworks
into unknown galaxies
the cosmos as you
through you expands
hands holding hands
unseen and unknown
flowing ever
into the infinite river
of life
wonder never ceasing
to be
playing the new game
rearranging molecules
life’s never ending fountain
bubbles of you
vibrant and thriving
playing the new day
into the miraculous
the speck-tack-YOU-lush

© Morgine Jurdan  7-5-2011

speck: but a tiny particle in the cosmos
tack: setting  your course
You:  you
Lush: creating a rich life!

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