I am life

i am life

and so the soul lingers
amidst wet strands of green
moistening my skin
feet becoming the grass
like glass
i see through
the ground
I pound upon
the soil
turning over
and over
seeds spinning
coming alive
dancing in the night
up up up
through it all
and seeing me
it gladly bends over
between my toes
grass inhaling my skin

i breathe life now
it breathes me
freeing each other
allowing space
to grace each face
everything i see
me in myriads of form
no norm anymore
releasing finally
all concepts, ideas, thoughts
constructs and structures
voices within and without
doubting, wanting, trying
attempting to control
anything and everything
there is
only NOW to greet me
free at last
allowing life to inform me
through everything
consciousness alive inside
every particle of creation
the flower guides my day
the butterfly gives me my lessons
the wind guides my path
the sun embraces me
I am home at last
surrendering into the unknown
of the known place
where all life is within and without
nothing to find
nothing to be
except me
Morgine © July 24, 2011

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