Wild Abundance

there is an energy
inside all things
breathing life
into life
the energy
which creates oaks from acorns
redwood groves from seeds
from eggs and sperm
like you and me
the Wild Abundance
which sows seeds of love
makes things grow
and die and live again
and again
that which blossoms flowers
bursting forth
in fragrant profusion
colors exploding across the skies
dazzling the eyes
engaging all our senses
making love
the bee and the flower
the lake and the mountain
rivers and valleys filled with life
vibrating excitedly delighted
with itself
insects animals plants and trees
exchanging creating seeds
life always connecting
sexual ecstasy
and bliss
life kissing life
pulsating through and through
me and you
and me
and you
the same energy
which calls for the grass to grow
grows you
in every cell of your Being
flows this Wild Abundance
of life
feel it Thriving
in nature all around you
it lives and pulsates
to you and through you
are you aware
do you care
to BE this energy
freely given
to you
and through you
how does it exit you
and how do you pass it along
adding your song
the essence of you
blessing the next and the next and the next
the silent texting
of information
among beings
how do you take it in
and give it out
shouting your own joy
adding your own bliss
kissing life as it kisses you
flying through you
and touching us all
there is no small
in an unlimited universe
you are infinite
how you play that role
is up to you
i am waiting
to dance
with you
© Morgine Jurdan

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    • sarah
    • April 1, 2022

    Beautiful. In every way.

  1. Thank you Sarah. I appreciate your comment because I don’t feel many people have ever read my writing. Have a wonderful Spring! love, Morgine

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