What If …

What if …

in order to Live
the Life
I am guided to live
to be fully Me …
every idea about everything I have ever had
ideas about good and bad
success and failure
shame and pain
being “the Light”
right and wrong
waking up or being asleep
evolving into or away from
attitudes and personality

if I Am it All
and I Know it All
where would all of this
even fit in
would gratitude even be necessary
if I am already that
if Joy was my natural way of being
freedom comes from
playing IN this New space
a place where Inner guides me
with love and grace
all the time

Life (me being it All)
calling to me
presenting itself
knowing and glowing with the radiance
of my personal choices
who know Me better than Me
voices always calling me home
into the wondrous vibrant exciting Unknown
to explore and adore
all that I already Am
for the sheer JOY of Experiencing

every belief held
clouds the truth
blocks it
from ever being seen
only when I am willing to let everything go
that I know
or think I know
or am sure I know
and releasing it anyway …
can the Infinite
really be seen
can I even begin to glean
the extreme abundance arising
waiting and eager to  slide right into
my Being

I am god with skin
I let myself in
into a new place and space
I grace with all of ME
glowing and flowing
engaging and playing
with all the dear brothers and sisters
nature animals plants
all faces I now know are me
my vibrant aliveness shining through it all
i see only me
in all i am being
here and there
and everywhere

the Key
is stepping outside
the paradigm
still confining me
defining me
as “the Light I am”
the brilliance I be
compared to what
i am being asked
called to task
here now
and is even
“the present moment”
what I think it means

can I step through that door
without looking back
knowing more awaits me
then ever before
when I release and free
constructs and structures
beliefs and visions
having me believe
I still exist in between them all

my heart keeps beating
my feet are now running
for the door
clearing the floor
releasing  even expectations
attachments and all
only trust and me
hand in hand
going where I know
i belong
singing the song
of all creation
waiting for me to join
in my own
free at last
to be
live the dance
I came to be
through me
the how
i know
when it does

© Morgine Jurdan 12-2-2011

As long as I think, feel, act “as if” something needs to change .. I need to change, others need to change, my government, countries, schools, the world needs to change …. I stay hostage inside this limited view reality! I am still separating things into right and wrong!

As long as I create visions of my ideal world and imagine life as I would like it to be, I am still confining myself inside of old structures, old language, old paradigms. I am unconsciously creating from a place that says things are not Perfect the way they are. God, All That Is, Divinity, Creation, the Universe …needs to transform itself   …or WE need to transform ourselves ….so we can all live the lives we want to live here in this place we call home!!

What if, there is nothing to change, no where to go, except to stop living in and through these confining filters we have created and which are blocking us from being alive inside the Magic we truly BE right now?!!!  What if, the very idea things are not gloriously magical right now is the ONLY thing keeping us from experiencing them?!!

We simply cannot see and experience it through all these filters which we think are creating a wholeness and yet only continue to keep us apart.  Natural is better, holistic is the right way, organic versus chemicals, being “the Light” and not the darkness, awakening, evolving, mirroring, taking on, giving up, breaking through …. dot, dot, dot.

Wholeness, unconditionality embraces and welcomes everything, because it IS everything.  There is nothing to change, transform, become or evolve into, because It already Is that in this very moment.  BREATHE It in! I am It now.  We are It now! There is no time, no distance to cover, nothing to seek and find.  There is only a letting go of all the dogma, words, concepts which have and continue to separate us from that which we already Are and have Always Been and are Being right Now.

No need to call forth or see the Brilliance in another any longer because you KNOW yourself to Be that already, and in Being Brilliance you automatically light that up in everyone around you just by your mere Presence in this world! You are an artist of being Alive in this world!

Become it now, here today! PLAY as you have never played before! Adore everything! Embrace every trace of reality and surrender duality back from whence it came! Magic creates itself for the sheer joy of being.  Experience life as it was meant to be savored with all the flavors, making your own choices, your own voice calling you home into your unique ways of being You.

The velvety darkness of night is as bright as the sun glowing the desert’s diamond sands when fully eaten and ravished.  Find your way into playing a new game in which the rules are not clear and yet you know you know them.  You trust you will live them again into being when your vision clears and the tears of joy river your face, the edges of  your mouth stretched wide, tightly ear to ear.  The time is Here. The door is open and life is calling you home!

© Morgine Jurdan

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