Doing versus Being

February 19, 2012 ~ Just writing, not “poetry”

My meditation with God this morning…  deep into my meditation …. how do I manifest what I desire….what do I need to “do” differently?

God/Source shared…  we are One, we are WE…there is no You and Me… I am experiencing life through you, as you, with you, inside and outside of you. I experience myself as all of life, as all things. There is nothing too small or large that I am not living myself through it.

I don’t care what happens to any part, because if I did, my eternal PEACE would be missing. I would have judgements, pains, agendas, goals, gains and losses and on and on. Unconditional is without conditions. So I don’t care what you do! That is the part  you really need to “get”!! I want whatever YOU want!! Life is quite literal in that sense.

Why do you do everything you do every day?  Do you do it because you desire to do it, feel a need, feel an obligation, part of a schedule or ritual?  WHY is the question of the day.  You have spent your life doing things feeling you are getting no where when it comes to your desires, yet you have accomplished a great deal. You are quite a different person than you were decades ago. Since you live “with you”, you don’t notice.  Like relatives who notices how much a child has grown or changed, since it was a year since they last saw them and you might not have noticed much at all. True.

Why do you do everything  you do?  Why do you eat what you eat? Why do you eat slowly, savoring your food? Why do you do visualizations, meditations on CD, listen to happy music, do processes to release old emotions, try tapping, energy healing, different diets, taking endless classes? Why?  Because you feel a LACK!  Something is not as you would like it to be!! So you try and FIGURE OUT what “to do” in order to change that thing!!

It does not matter the WHAT you are doing. If you are doing it to change something, you will always be coming from a place of LACK, feeling you do not yet have what you desire.  You are buried inside that prison of beliefs!! You now eat only food which you love, eat slowly and enjoy your food, etc. because you “believe” this will help you lose weight! Yet there are people who gulp their food, eat things you do not even like and are always thin and  healthy! True!!

Donald Trump and others have lost millions of dollars and never worry because they always come back again. They have this built in belief about it. It is very Real for them and they never doubt it! They might not have strong beliefs about relationships, or health, or trust in other areas, however with money, they are “certain” they can turn things around and so they do!  They LIVE knowing that all the time.

You on the other hand, do not LIVE knowing you are vibrantly healthy, are living your passion, living in your ideal home, and so on.  Your DO processes in order to Manifest these things because you “believe” doing them will result in changes.  The Important thing here, however, is the GUILT factor. When things don’t manifest quickly enough or as you desire then you AUTOMATICALLY and Unconsciously FEEL Guilty!! I must not be doing this enough.  I must not be doing it the “right way”.  I need to find something which will work better! I am not eating slow enough, or the right delicious foods, or whatever!

It is SO SIMPLE and you keep making it Difficult!! Just BE the Change you want to See, like that man Gandhi said! BE slender, living your passion, brilliant, wise, strong, inspiring, awesome, engaging…RIGHT NOW!  Become an ACTRESS in your Own Life Play!! Pretend every day, you are living in your ideal home. Talk about it, write about it, draw pictures.  This is how it comes.  Living into your Beliefs! HAVING FUN with it. Exaggerate things! Dream big, bigger and biggest of all!!

There is no “doing to BE”.  There is only BEING and then ideas arise naturally about what “to do” next and next and next!! Play fun music because  you LOVE the music and not because you need to raise your vibration in order to “get something”.  Learn to DO things which already bring smiles and joy to your face!! If listening to a certain meditation is joyful and you LOVE it and it is something which brings you PLEASURE, then do it because it is pleasurable and not because  you want it to help you “fix something”.  Because right there, your boat is going up stream again!!

I feel it would be much easier and much more fun to imagine, pretend, get really exaggerated and laugh about your desires, creating all sorts of scenarios just for the fun of it, rather than… trying to find some process, technique, book, class, healer which is going to “fix you” so you will be able to finally get your desires met!! I thought it was so simple and so easy and humans just keep making it more complex than it need be.

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