the ALL of me …

I am God Source Consciousness Eternity …
contemplating the vast ocean
the sea of me
I live in and upon
pondering the fog I have lived within
seeing only partly
the art of which I am made
wading through the waters
of me
I see the pee
I am
flowing into the bowl below

so lost in my life
knives dividing myself
into bits and pieces
that which I am and am not
got to be distracting
acting out all these parts
where do i
start and end
is this me i see before
in the past
or what happened last week
peeking through the sheets
what street am i walking on today
do i play in them all
am i large or small

where can i find myself
wrapping around every corner
do i wind myself neatly or loosely
among it all
climb the ladder of life
husband wife lover saint
gory or glory
I never know
the seeds I sow and where they flow
eternity is mine
no time in and out
only how my thought
seeds the next moment and the next
perplexed by my limitations
or are there none
am i the one
I was searching for

i breathe love into each
particle of creation
peace coming from
humming a new song
along the road
whatever I sew together
is mine
no need to confine myself
dissect myself to pieces
leaving some
taking others
there are no remnants to find
i was blind to the Source
behind it all

i am free
being me
everything i will ever or never see
is still within
this infinite field of energy
light so bright it staggers
my human mind
the light i be
within and all around
i abound in beauty

i sound warnings
i am the bloodiest battles
ever fought
the kindest lessons
ever taught
my thread woven into
around and between it all
no longer confined
inside a limited mind

I clash and crash
a sea of trash before me
the odiferous smell
the mountain piled high as the sky
seething and teething with life
a rotting mess perfuming the wind
can I swim in there and own myself too
the sky
a blue jewel above me
as I sink into this pit before me
can i adore this
embrace every trace

the fist twisted in anger
hits a face leaving its trace
can i grace myself
with this action too
the blue ocean’s waves
which drown the boat
fires blazing to ashes
crashing homes in loam
insects animals humans
birds fleeing burning trees
am I large enough
to own these

Jesus and Buddha
Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan
healthy compost for the garden
nuclear plants leaking in Japan
the greatest lovers in the world
the most brutal assassins
i have fashioned myself into it all
nothing too small
to escape the inner vision
nor too large to escape infinity
i look around
and there is only me
experiencing everything
there is to be
always creating more
to abhor or adore
for i am endless
infinitely creating
new moments
new adventures
gracing it all with one face
my own
sewn together
the grace of divinity
Great Mystery
Energy and Light

the sheer beauty in nature
rivers my cheeks
pure joy and bliss
kissing the wonder of me
microscopic creatures till the soil
birds fertilizing life
their beautiful songs
they spread joy, the pollen and seeds
reeds dancing in the wind by the stream
sun beams on the surface
grace the faces
of deer standing near the water’s edge
how can i be
all i see and experience here
i wonder falling to my knees
where do i end and begin
again I breathe it all in
inhale the sweet fragrance of flowers
a rainbow ribbons the sky
I am caressing myself

real love
woven free of conditions
embraces all
calls forth the best
passes all tests
resists nothing
never fails
sails the open sea
freely giving all of itself
to each adventure
for there is no judgment here
no beginning or ending
only a continuous flowing
eternity calling
eager to play all the roles
up and down
all around
in between anything ever seen before
and love adores
all pieces and particles
love embraces free of names
descriptions fall short and confine
defining one into prisons of the mind
real love is blind and only sees perfection
purely for the joy it brings

how do I grace this day
knowing i lay upon myself
as my bed
my head of hair
the air I breathe
all parts of me too
eating myself as food
the cars, computers, homes and phones
I created myself
to experience myself
as ALL of life
Every Thing
to sing all songs
to play all games
without names
every insect is me divine
every animal
each piece of trash
along the road
grass and money
still me

my wisdom imprisoned
only in my mind’s eyes
wanting to divide into sides
right wrong good bad
who is to blame
for my feeling sad
when all fingers point my way
i cannot erase the trace of Hitler
nor wash Jesus from my within my skin
Mother Mary or Teresa
each woven into the tapestry of me
every face is known
all my own
created to play
all the games i can play
in all kinds of weather
in different realities
right here now
or far away

i play
with all the particles
with all the parts
with every aspect of me
of creation
always in motion
an ocean endlessly growing
flowing into another place
and time
where I find
always at home
never alone
the All
that I am
and will ever be
the All of ME

© Morgine Jurdan

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