the Divine I am

the Divine
experiencing life
through me
as me
all around me
loving me always
thee and i are
the One
I am the sun
shining brightly
the fuzz between my toes
the liquid flowing from my nose
the dirt I scrub off things
the bee’s sting
I am them all and more
all I adore
freedom rings
my heart sings
all particles of creation
celebrating as me
I see the TRUTH
hidden by lies and definitions
above below
high and low
all gone now
i bow to
the beauty of me
in Every Face
of who I Am

the Divine I be
loves me completely
in all forms I adorn
majestic mountains and trees
butterflies, birds, and bees
rainbows and sunshine
love and fear
laughter and tears
no more dividing lines
I am free
seeing ME
in everything I be
I am everyone’s longing
and dreams
waiting to be born
their fear and sorrow
in Every Face
i see the Grace
every single one
adores and loves me
for beneath it all
the truth revealed
without fear
or even observations

i give life
to be
what I now see
the love which they are
and have always been
no trace of separation
I am playing
ALL Parts of this dance
no boundaries needed
no protecting me from myself
for I only adore
all parts of me
wanting their freedom too
into that place
infinity graces
allowing anything and everything
endless possibilities
I fall down
my knees kissing the ground
adoring the me
the we that we all are
the stars and galaxies
the yet to be
all of me
in thee and thee and thee
freedom at last
to just be

© Morgine Jurdan
journaling early 1-29-2012

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