Valentines Day Request

On Valentine’s Day, 2012, I have a FAVOR to ask of You, my Friend.  For just One Minute, One Moment, One Hour, or just this One day ….

Please release Everything you know about life, or think you know or believe, or wonder about. Just for a moment, as best you can, imagine you know nothing at all. Just for a minute, a moment, or for the day. You Choose.

Pretend for this time you are an actress or actor in a movie dreaming you are Everything in Life, Every Particle of Creation. You are ALL Energy in the Cosmos and Beyond, just for the sheer Fun of it! Expand yourself as Big as you could possibly get! Then even bigger than that!  This is Star Trek, Fantasyland, Fairy Tales! Imagine BIG!!!

Now IMAGINE you are the Mother of All of Creation, all these particles of energy are “your own Children” sort of.  Embrace them All, Each and Every One with your own Unconditional Love …just for this one minute, one moment, one hour, or this one day. Just embrace All That Is …free of any ideas, beliefs, judgments.  Just pretend to Be the Mother of Your Creations, Your Children.  You accept them all, as they are here and now, just this One time.

For this One Brief Moment, imagine sending Wild Organic Abundance to All of Life to help manifest what each part is truly longing for, whatever that is… a home, a relationship, food, love, a job, clean water, fresh air, education, a garden, a car, healing, joy, peace …..  For this One Brief Moment just Zing Every Particle with some Wild Organic Abundance. Then Smile and you are finished!!!

THANK YOU so much for the shift you created in the cosmos today, for the ripple, the wave you sent out through eternity. For this One Precious Moment when all life was ONE held in your own loving embrace. Where everything which separates us, fell away, and everything which binds us together was shared, even though briefly.

YOU make a difference in the world as does each little particle in creation, every day doing the best we each know how to do. Perhaps once in a while, you can take one breath in and out, and Zing a little more Wild Organic Abundance out there into all of life.  Know it does return to you multiplied in more ways than you could ever count.

Thanks for MAKING MY VALENTINE’S DAY, a Day to Remember!

Loving Each of you Always and Forever, Morgine

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