Celebrating the 4th of July??

I do not CELEBRATE the birth of our country today. I mourn the loss of, and CELEBRATE the Memory of Several Millions of people who DIED in the formation of this “great” nation.

Several Million Native Americans, more than the holocaust, died of diseases we brought here and extermination in order to “take over” the places they called home, so we could call it ours!  People who left their own country due to religious persecution, who then massacred others so they could have what “they wanted”.  We could not make slaves of Native Americans, so we killed them, many in horrendous ways.

Then there were the Mexicans we put to work and the Chinese, often treating them as less than the “human beings” they are. We can still find this today, 200 years later, in the deplorable housing offered to many farm workers across this “great nation”.

I grieve for all the millions of African people, who were forcibly taken, stolen, dragged away from their families never to be seen again, carried in boats like animals across the ocean, many dying on the way. These innocent people forcibly made slaves for the creation of this “great” nation for generations, many bearing the scars of beating, torture, rape, burning and more. I cannot even begin to IMAGINE the Pain and Suffering their families felt at their loss and not knowing what ever became of their BELOVED CHILDREN. In many places today in our country, these beloved people still are not treated as equals.

I choose not to celebrate people like Christopher Columbus. I read some of his diaries and he found great pleasure in mutilating the Natives, cutting of their appendages, one by one, with the nose, ears, and then limbs if they refused to convert to Christianity!  I refuse to celebrate this man and all the people he killed.

Today I MOURN and HONOR ALL those who died fighting in wars. Those Americans who felt that killing was the only way to secure our freedom here in this country and abroad in others. I mourn the death of brothers killing brothers in the Civil War, our own people, killing each other, because they held different beliefs.

I am grateful for many things and I do not Celebrate them with much gusto, because they came at such a HUGE COST of human life, one we still today FAIL TO HONOR in any way or form as a Nation of many Peoples. People died, cultures were erased from the face of this planet, and man people are still not treated yet with the dignity and honor they deserve.

I send LOVE  without Conditions to Everyone today, all over the Cosmos. I am creating a VISION in which  One Day, we finally HONOR ALL THOSE WHO DIED in the Creation of this nation. Not just those few who fought in some war, somewhere in the past.  There is too much left unspoken for me to find great JOY on this day.

Morgine Jurdan
July 4, 2012

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