On Guard.. Aware – Writing prompt exercise …

The field of vision is comparable, for me, to the terrain of an archaeological dig. To see is to be on guard, to wait for what emerges from the background, without any name, without any particular interest: what was silent will speak, what is closed will open and will take on a voice. Paul Virilio

When I am quiet and aware in the silence, life speaks to me and through me. I read a book recently called The Thunder of Silence by Joel S. Goldsmith.  Only when I am being totally silent can I truly hear my inner Being, my spirit, my connection to Source. The voice is like thunder at times. It is always present, always ready to guide me, to teach me, to inspire me with ideas, creativity, to support me with unconditional love. When I listen, I open up, I relax into the present moment, I become more.  The wisdom pouring out takes on a voice, my own voice or my own actions unfolding out into the cosmos in a way only I can do through this unique vessel I call mine, here and now.  Inner wisdom takes shape and form in the 3D world when I am open to listening and taking action, whether merely observing something differently, or creating, speaking, writing or making something physical. It all changes when I am more aware and open to the silence and my heart sings my name in vibrant and magical colors with which to paint my world.

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