Celebrating the Magic I Am

I had a big AHA this morning about “allowing” and “being at peace with what IS” and “going with the flow” after our call!! Wanted to share with my Cosmic Citizen friends my morning journaling today!!

Sharing “my experience” of life up to now…this moment.. my own personal view ….

God, Source, Consciousness created and is experiencing itself …as All Things, every particle of creation. It created from a place of loving without conditions, because it gave each particle “freedom” to create on its own.

In its innate wisdom, it knew freedom could evolve into anything within a spectrum of contrast, and so it never wanted to lose its connection and love with what it had created, regardless of the choices each particle made.

While most of nature and animals do not have brains which rationalize and create new things, as human animals do, they do have freedom to create and be themselves. No two apple trees, ants, animals, blades of grass, snowflakes, clouds, sunsets are ever the same! Each one is unique unto itself, having the freedom to create within its framework and design, much like we can. Humans have a framework and do not become a tree or a worm or ant or a mountain. We are humans and have freedom to create each self as unique and one of a kind.  We too are loved without conditions.

The human animal, however, was possibly created so that Source could more fully experience, admire, taste, savor, adore, enjoy, appreciate all the Rest of its creations more intimately!! A flower cannot see itself, or a waterfall, or a tree.  So looking out through other eyes allows a more broader and intimate perspective!

It takes no conscious effort on my part in order to see with my eyes, feel my environment with my body, hear with my ears, taste with my tongue, keep my heart beating. These are all thoughtless, timeless, effortless actions which somehow happen rather “magically”.  For Me, part of this Magic is Source streaming itself through all of creation, creating balance and harmony and making things work!

Without human interference, nature and all it contains, continues on with seasons, growing, decaying, nourishing, life, death and everything in between. There is nothing wasted in nature and it all works out “perfectly”. Each part living “in perfect harmony” with all the other parts, through that innate wisdom which permeates each particle.

The only exception, seems to be humans. We have evolved away from nature and living in harmony with her seasons and attempt to control and manipulate things to our personal liking, often regardless of the consequences to other forms of life. We take, take, take, take to endlessly create without giving back even a thank you for all the materials we use and how we abuse so much in the process of it all.

God/Source/Consciousness, being “all things,” woven into and through every particle of creation, KNOWS whatever “I desire” on all levels of my Being. It knows me better than I will ever know myself from its unconditionally loving point of view. It sees “all of me” endlessly and infinitely!

I am but a Stream of Consciousness, a river of particles taking form as Me, Morgine, here now, and I imagine, also in many other realities simultaneously! God/Source is experiencing itself through me, as me, with me, all the time, seeing life through my unique eyes, given the freedom I have to live, create, expand consciousness to what it has never been before! IT not only knows all I desire to have and experience, it already IS all those things, …being All of Creation!

My job then… is to SURRENDER into the flow which I am!  Be AT PEACE with whatever is in my now moment! To more Fully Embrace the “all that I am” being a part of All That Is!

Nature and animals and insects all move, explore, live their lives from an “internal place” of guidance which inspires them towards what they desire, be it a place to rest, nest, find food, migrate thousands of miles! They simply “follow that flow and surrender into that guidance” which they are born with and which never dies or leaves them!

I have within me, that same guidance, that same Connection to Every Particle of Creation with which I am related! Hair falling from my head onto the ground composts into soil, eaten by a worm, who is eaten by a bird living in an apple tree peeing and pooping onto the bark, the tree absorbing its nutrients and growing apples which I will eat and become part of my body yet again!

I only need to stop attempting to control and manipulate my life into something I want and instead, SURRENDER into…all which I am, a COSMIC CITIZEN of universes beyond my imagination!! When I surrender into all that I am, I allow wisdom to ARISE like bubbles in champagne! A cork rises to the top of the water all by itself and so do I, when I am not clinging to a past filled with stuff only weighing me down and keeping me under water!

Source/Consciousness brilliantly created the Magic and Wonder which surrounds me every day, things which may remain a mystery to me all my many lives! How do tiny seeds grow into giant redwood trees, or plants blossom and grow the foods I eat?  How does my heart keep beating and my body digest and utilize things? How does a friend know to call me just when I need them?

When I let go and SURRENDER FULLY into each moment, trusting the wisdom (which I am) will arise and guide me how best to take my next step, my life will be easier and easier with less and less struggle. I stop attempting to swim up stream against the current. I stop “thinking”  and attempting to figure out, how to handle things. I just know how to move in harmony and balance with whatever I am creating from a much Broader, Wiser and more Loving Perspective than ever before! Because I realize, “all of creation” exists within every cell of my Being, and so I become …all the answers I have been seeking! They rise up, inspire me and I take action!

Celebrating Love’s Magic
Celebrating the Magic I AM

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