loving you

i love you
like the sun
for the joy
of shining my love
like the rain
nourishing plants
may my love
nourish you too
like the flowers
sharing their beauty and grace
your beauty and face
gracing mine

free of conditions
the birds sing their songs
water bubbles up from a spring
i love each of you freely
without conditions

i experience only perfection
you making choices and more choices
day by day by day
right wrong good bad better worse ..
all gone
nothing to forgive
all fully embraced in the grace
of love

i begin and end
in the arms of love
i surround you
with those incredible feelings
i experience you in a new way
may you experience yourself
all over again
through new eyes
loving all you see
fully and completely
all that you are
without conditions
the true miracle
and gift you truly be
to the world
and me
and the cosmos beyond

Celebrating Love’s Magic, Morgine
Valentines Day 2013

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