the NEW Genius

I, Morgine, am a Geniusologist studying and expanding what we consider genius to include something far greater, seeded into Every Living Thing, including each Human Being.

I am studying Geniusecology and how we can live in harmony and balance with Everything Everywhere….people, nature, buildings, cars, computers… All our stuff!!

I am part of the Geniusism Movement where I push forward the idea that We Each Are …an Infinite Grand Creator of a Brilliant New World we could barely begin to even imagine before now!!  When we gather together … our brilliance is magnified beyond our abilities to yet comprehend!!

I begin having Geniusgasms just contemplating the incredible orgazms possible in this kind of world!  A place where the old peak of sexual ecstasy will have to take a back seat to the world we are creating, including a New Dictionary and Language in order to capture in words, what can really only be experienced within the sphere of our new vibrant fully aware Bodies of Light and Love!!!!! Oh My God are you ready for this!!!

Do YOU want to Join the Movement?
Begin by claiming your own Inner Genius and live it more every day!

Manifest living in harmony with everything and everyone a little more every day!

Call forth the Inner Genius in Every Person in your life! See the Best in everyone, especially people you are not fond of! Find one thing you do appreciate about them, even if it is just the color of their hair! Your family, the grocery clerk, your boss, the mail person…

Appreciate the Genius in Nature around you every single day! Tiny seeds growing into thousand year old redwood trees, peaches you can eat, wood for paper and buildings, fields of flowers, rainbows and rain, sunshine!

Imagine what kind of world, 7 Billion Geniuses could imagine and create! Geniusgasms expanding the cosmos one person at a time!! Wow can you begin to FEEL IT NOW!!

Morgasmic Morgine, a Geniusologist, studying Geniusecology, helping lead a Geniusism Movement and creating a New Dictionary to describe my Geniusgasms I am going to experience sooner than later!!

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