Bombers, I am sorry …

Dear Bombers,

I am sorry …

Love sees clearly
setting me free
i am you
you are me
i am capable
of all i see
we …  see

i was stuck at first
hidden between the cracks
of lies
the truth was clear
i was here
and capable
of anger and rage
into eternity

small tiny children
mostly girls
abducted and sold
into sexual slavery
some barely five years old
women brutally raped
the world over
every day
bombs dropping on people
i don’t personally know
in places i have not yet lived
here and now
shattered to pieces
limbs torn off
lives torn apart
in countries everywhere
do I care
or not …

my brothers and sisters
lie dying in pain
slain with money
from the taxes
I Pay
to keep me safe
from whom …
the pain woven into the
very fabric of my being
i cry
for us all

i wonder
if we are all One Family
celebrating our diversity
could that end it all
the tall and the small
embracing and erasing
all traces of pain
staining our lives
our bodies and minds
finding the truth
a truth we can all share

is the terrorist
an evil sinner
or a saint
an angel in costume
helping me see
what I don’t
want to look at
nor face
tracing the Source
of the bombs which
explode abroad
some coming from my hands
because I willingly pay taxes
afraid to face
the consequences
of my refusal
their blood
stains my hands too

were the terrorists angry too
wanting me to know
of their frustrating situation
their longing for love
seeking peace
amidst the ashes
of their flaming anger
and confusion

through the eyes of love
I can glimpse the truth
of their distorted attempt
for love
their desire to awaken compassion
and understanding
in the only way they know how
horror and world wide attention

when are we going to learn
killing is killing is killing is killing
however and for whatever reason
we seek to free ourselves
from something
or someone
we don’t agree with
we hate and fear and judge
what we don’t understand
we demand others
change themselves
so we can accept them
we hate those who kill
the very same reason
they kill
because of their own hate
hate only perpetuates hate
it never heals anything

let us instead
talk endlessly into the night
stop the fighting
the endless perpetuation of a life
that binds us to the past
free at last
in the here and now
how can we celebrate our differences
end the killing and pain
staining our relationships

our greatest teachers
like Buddha and Jesus
the Dali Lami, Mother Teresa
teach us
those who are the
hardest to love
often need it the most
feeling lost and alone
like nobody cares

begin today
stare deeply into your mirror
do you care for this person
you see
can you love this person
deeply and completely
free of judgment
fully embracing
without conditions
are you strong enough
to love yourself
first and foremost
because until you do
you will always judge others
by the conditions which you
judge yourself and find fault
almost daily

when you love as Divinity does
as the Universe does
as Nature does
As God Goddess does
when you look into that mirror
one day you will realize
there is only you
wherever you go
there you are
you will recognize your face
in Every Face you see
similar pains anger and confusion
similar struggles
deep inside
seeking the same love
the same essence of life

Loving What Is
without conditions
allows us to enter
into the Truth
of Who We Really Are
ONE Family of Humanity
in infinite unique
Creative Expressions
here to share and care
for the same planet
the same “life”
each with our own
unique dreams
living in peace and harmony
celebrating our differences
supporting and truly
Loving Each Other
as deeply and fully
as we can learn
how to love ourselves
without conditions

Morgine 4-24-2013

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