loving nature ~ poetry in the afternoon

voices of nature calling me home

oh to die bare naked in the grass
lie my body on earth’s bosom
stay there until the dust of my bones
flies away into the air
sprinkling me about and around
the world

oh to be nose down into the grass
peering into worlds I will never know
insects crawling amidst tall trees
digging into huge caves
naked to my eyes

i feel their tiny feet upon my skin
i wonder what kind of mountain
i might look like
what they think when i move
it seems to be taken in stride
i guess like riding a cat perhaps
or a bird
thinking how calm they remain
even if lying among feathers upon a wing
who knows how far they might drop
falling without fear
just letting go
into the next moment

could I but grace my moments
with such calm enthusiasm
and trust
all it well
still falling…

what keeps me hunting here
looking out instead of in
where is the peace i seek
the trust
where is it lurking
behind my fear
that excitement
without breath
holding me prisoner
to yesterday and tomorrow
right now here
there is nothing
but sunlight
weaving its way between
the silent green leaves
and insect’s trees of tall grass
on the lawn
where has the day gone

i seek the peace
and it never runs away
breathing slowly
i feel it now
how can i remain
standing here now
and forever more
trusting the floor
might fall and yet
i will be taken care of
always and ever

fears and tears
no longer clinging to my skin
not letting them in
no weaving in between
the scenes of my life
trust is coming again
source embracing
gracing my memories
of today and how the sun
played across the sky
clouds came and went
and i trusted they would
i never doubted their place
in my life

tomorrow I am assuming they
will grace my face with theirs
so too is that peace
ever evident
inside my heart
that everlasting memory of
whence i came from and into
where I go again and again
falling into and emerging from
the black hole
where everything exists at once
and into which
nothing goes alone
i am always at home
with myself
in peace

© Morgine 6-2-2013


why does the sun rise and fall
the moon comes above the horizon
reflecting lights
sparking and twinkling
the magic of it all
taken away by science
giving me reasons
attempting to explain
the unexplainable
who knows for sure
today’s truth
is often tomorrow trash
another theory bites the dust
i would rather savor the rainbow’s
glowing hues
be mesmerized
by the shimmering light
captivated and embraced
by its magic
than to have it erased
by words upon a page
attempting to dissect
what can never be fully
until one appreciates
the magic of it all
and when you fully
do appreciate
you no longer care
about the words
left drying out
upon the page

© Morgine 6-2-3103

I saw the sun
shimmering green
making love to the leaves
embraced by the wind
cradled by the day
coming to an end

where does it go
when this warm light
no longer flows
tracing itself across
the ever changing
green fabric
hiding on the other side

i wonder
can i touch the leaves
does the light remain
inside of them
does it leave a trace
though and into the veins
rearranging the cells
expanding itself again
into tomorrow
does it recognize itself

can it feel the embrace
of yesterday
through the fabric of
the leaves
dancing again and again
weaving a tapestry of energy
in the dark of night
out of sight
does the play remain
is the dance never ending
or does it stop to breathe
amidst the dark and cool
night air
waiting to rise again
and play
in field of green
© 6-3-2013

rising from the ashes
coming into being
i am the darkness
coming to light
i have been hidden
inside the rubble
of my life
I have been hiding
amidst the pain
of confusion
stories which lay dormant
are now giving birth
seeds planted eons ago
are now taking root
i am the i am
i know and i live
the i know
for it is all coming home
to me now
i am here
and that is
all there is

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