the eternity of now

I am everything
yet nothing
all in the arms
of the void
in between the drops of rain
the sky drips
forming itself
in the air
or is it there
a blue reflection
which direction am i going
does it matter

embraced by nothing
a place of grace
in which everything i am
and am not
meet and greet
do i know
without definitions
where the edge lies
in a limitless universe

is love
without hate
or is either
only a reflection
of a direction
nothing solid to hold
point at
be with or in
what matters
and what
does not

the rain pours
kissed by the sun
falling in rivers
across blue air
does my eye catch the rain
is it the same ocean
i played in yesterday
or tomorrow
can i beg from one
or borrow to play again
do i really know
what is real

what matters
tatters of yesterday
and tomorrow
wound into tubes
of glass as
science tears at matter
to uncover its mystery
unlock secrets
perhaps all the while
mystery smiles
knowing it cannot be found
like the magic light
inside a face
gracing the world
from the inside out
cannot be dissected
or detected
within the confines
of the known universe

it rests inside
the womb
of mystery
from which it is born
and into which it dies
endlessly being neither
life nor death
the space between
the seen and unseen
that line where time
is erased
traced only
by the moments
in which I can
count myself
falling across the sky

is there pain
do i strain
to regain something
can i lose
what is not lost
what is the cost
of my endless seeking
something already mine

find the line
the place where time
no longer carries me away
from today
into tomorrow
no borrowing necessary
for my glass remains full
or always empty
waiting for anything
opening to the new
the old
which story is told
perceptions unwinding
how can i define nothing
and everything
through my breath
light coming in
going out
are the particles
all that I am
dancing within
and without myself
being held
and being
the lines erased
no trace of me left
the void welcomes me
into everything i am
and the nothing i
came to be
me inside
the eternity
of now

© Morgine Jurdan 7-3-2013

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