2013 – 2014

My theme for 2013 was about manifesting more Self Trust in myself and learning how to more fully Appreciate the amazing woman I am! Before now, I have not thought much of my life, or my many accomplishments. I sat in the shadows. I was totally willing to share in classes, answer vulnerable questions, post my homework, however, I rarely shared my writing. I rarely looked back on my life to recognize some of my amazing accomplishments.

I remembered several years ago, when my then life partner, whom I had known since I was 3 and loved forever, was guided to step away from our relationship after 35 happy years together. I entered the dark night of my soul without any help.  Yet, I never stopped loving and trusting. We went from making love every day to living at opposite ends of our mobile home, trusting Divinity was guiding us somewhere we needed to go! Though separated, today we remain best friends.

This year I also began to fall in love with life itself, trusting in the Divine Perfection of every moment. Just dipping my toe in learning to do things I love to do, and the importance of that one act alone in transforming my life!

I was inspired by my children’s loving natures and resilience in the face of challenges which arise. Always remaining positive and taking responsibility for whatever was going on. Again and again in the world I marveled at the new inventions for getting pure water to those who most need it. Another organization providing toilets where none existed before. Growing more gardens and also ones on the top of grocery stores providing their own produce and on walls of buildings, in trenches in the earth covered with glass! Amazing new cars, bikes and other transportation. A man who installed one quart plastic bottles filled with water and bleach  into totally dark houses giving them light for the first time, and it came with no cost! Someone on Facebook telling people in another country they loved them, and did not agree with what our government was doing and it goes viral! People loving people more and more, regardless of the politics going on. Underneath it all, we all want to help each other.

2014 for me, is about have a deeper Communion with all of Nature and giving birth to a more authentic sharing of myself and my orgazmic relationship with life, more creative, colorful, raw, vibrant and wildly inspiring!

I am dedicating this year to Myself knowing that what “I” do, vibrates around the entire universe. Learning about who I really am and what I really love to do!! This is a vital part of making the world Whole. I am Unique and only “I” can play this role and the world is counting on me to step up and participate full out!

I am beginning with a focus on my physical body first after having done many personal experiments. I am giving up wheat, sugar and dairy and eating  food which vibrates at a higher level for my own body. I am releasing any guilt  about my prior eating habits having read many books documenting how most processed foods are actually designed in labs, for the sole purpose of making them irresistible and addictive. Billions of dollars spent on exciting my tongue and mouth to make me feel good and to continue eating long after I am full! Many of the  CEO’s and scientists working for these major companies, who were interviewed, never eat any of the products they create and sell. They eat a healthy diet without processed foods.

My health affects everything I do in my life.  I cannot do what I desire when I am tired, overweight, have edema, have trouble focusing and lack enough energy.  How I do anything is how I do everything. I am committed to my body first, drinking lots of water, moving my body more. Things I know my body loves. Then I have a lot more energy to be creative, do things I love, inspire others, go out on a limb and take risks, do things I never could have imagined I would do before now!

I hope by the end of 2014 perhaps I will have been an inspiration to others? I created a Word Cloud in many different shapes and have them hanging all over my house for this coming year:

Raw Bright eagerFlow seductive Magic Authentic vibrant Ease True  Honest  Silly  Weird Exuberant Colorful Magical  Blissipline  Nature Morgine Mystical  Loving Deep Charismatic  Calling  Home  Me  Myself Intimacy Love Morgine Longing   Birth True  Creative Young  Bliss Nature Inspiring Jubilant  vibrant  Happy Flow New Connecting Communing Engaging Bubbling Life  Nurturing Refreshing Motivating Soothing   Awesome Morgine  Life Live 2014

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