Intoxicating Soup

i am intoxicated in god’s love
the sheer magnificence of creation
elimination variation intoxication
rivers of bliss caressing rocks
making love to the stones and sand
microscopic pieces of shell
spun in endless circles
by waves
grace adoring grace adoring grace
what face is not mine
divine unending and bending
to kiss me again
brother and sister
aunt and uncle
there is nothing
which fetters me now
i am free
seeing me
in life around me
inside and through
no longer
a me and you
dividing lines washed away
today i play in
the soup of it all
tall and small
vibrant and lush
pale and calm
microscopic cells
to huge planets and galaxies
the leaves moving here
dance with the waves of life
moving into everywhere
i cannot draw the line
between me and the divine
intertwining endless
and infinite
i play today
rushing through
leaving my own hue
dusting the galaxies
with my own debris
of me
collecting and selecting
what i want
to play with
leave behind
find and find and find
uncovering and discovering
me again and again
here and there
everywhere i am
beginning and ending
circles of life
bending around to reach me
i see it clearly now
how i am eternal
and free
saying hello and goodbye
all in the same breath
no death
only an eternity
of new beginnings
the animals know
the trees dropping blossoms
seeding tomorrow
with their love
i too take myself
into the next day
never ending
sending myself
on into eternity
© Morgine Jurdan

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