Immersed in Nature

the heart opens wide
sharing itself with life
the trees and the bees are buzzing
with life
singing in harmony
fluttering of wings
sing by my ear
i hear them
calling my name
the same game
played out every day
all around me
the orchestra plays
the music of our lives
in silence we listen
hear the breath of god
whispering in our ear
here here here here here
lost in the chaos
the busyness of life
struggles binding us
into our lives
plugging into our
technological wonders
the whispers not loud enough
to hear
i feel it now
inside my heart
a new light is burning
a new glow
the new dance
is taking form
one step at a time
I notice the smells
the fragrance of a mouse
in the car
my shoulder is
now pain free
the light of love
is overflowing
one small moment
at a time
the divine and i
immersed into a new dance
me being more aware
its presence there
near me
always giving me love

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