Womb of Creation

The Wave of Creation

there is a field
into which i was born
perhaps the Source
of all things I know
things I will never know
infinite and endless
inside all creation
every particle
adored and precious
a love more deep and expansive
than my ability to understand
more intimate and infinite
than my tiny body
can explore and fully express
the door is always open
in fact
there is no door
only spaces through which creation
engages with itself
fully and completely
in endless waves of
undulating incredible bliss
unconditionally loving
always and forever
all that it is and is becoming
expanding into and from
and will forever be
the i, the me, the we
the sea of creation
undulating pulsating
breathing itself alive and awake
in every single nano second and …
beyond my ability to comprehend

the energy grows itself infinitely
with magic and wonder
each microbe and plant
each insect and drop of water
connected in this field of life
growing its one-of-a kind unique form
be that a tree growing apples
a vine growing grapes
a horse or a snake
a planet or a human being
each creating itself into
its own unique field of energy
to participate and play with
all the other creations
in millions of billions
of endless different
sparkling with magic and wonder
i cannot yet touch
even in my grandest imaginations
and yet I know they exist
for the Source of me
is the Source of it all
the tall and the small
and everything in between
all colors and shades of the rainbow
appearing as plants and leaves
ants and cars
tractors and horses
suns and stars
all dancing together
in millions upon billions of ways
every day and night
beyond time
each particle guided
led and fed by
this nourishing love
always present
inside each particle
never ever alone

all I see
merely thoughts
in solid form
master creators
of our own reality
the god we be
the ultimate
dance of intimacy
the we of creation
erotic orgasmic bliss
water droplets cascading themselves down
a long tall waterfall
dolphins swimming in joy
slugs matings for days
leaves dancing together in the wind’s embrace
the grace of the sun upon the clouds
creating one of a kind hues
never to be seen again
like me
looking into your eyes
here and now
and never again
inside this one breath
we take together

yet ….
i do not yet bend like the grass
in the wind
i do not flow like the water
in the river
my body is not flexible
and free
like the willow tree
I am fairly rigid and tight
in comparison
seeking outside of me
answers to my inside questions
seeking directions
seeking things
to take into my body
to bring me rest
from my discomforting thoughts
what can I believe
which will relieve me now
what placebos can i create today
to take away the pain
which stains my body
here and now
always outside I am
seeking the how
and I want it now
I seek directions
without introspection
the answers are the same
believe believe believe
and you shall receive
what you desire
I can give the power
to whatever I choose
be it food or a pill
a person or book
I look and there it can be
feeding me again and again
for the moment

the naked everlasting  truth
is always near
always here inside me
the undulating wave
of Life itself
pulsating throughout
every particle
thought to form to thought again
guiding the tree into its blueprint
so it does not grow into a fish
guiding the stars in the sky
how not to fly into each other
the moon resting in perfect reflection
of the sun at night
adding her light to the darkness

i was created in the
image of source
i can choose to live
in any reality
no form of life can ever end
in a world of infinite
and endless wonder
only in my imagination
it ceases to be in my reality
yet alive in millions of others places
other faces gracing its life
in other directions
is the door
through which we always
come and go
forgetting that …
places me in
a reality where struggles exist
as I persist in believing
in only this one place
and one redemption
when perfection
always includes it all
anything which can ever be
can be experienced by me
the source that I am
being sourced by Life itself
love beyond Jesus or Buddha
beyond human comprehension
that undulating pulsating energy
the undefinable  wave
behind creation

I created walls and doors
floors and ceilings
building prisons
inside which I lived
my decay
coming from my adaptation
of living from the outside in
as if the illusion of my creations
were real
closed off to the truth
living outside
the harmony
of the rest of life
so all I can see
is the distorted perspectives
a decaying world
finite resources
the reflection is now clear
the pollution
my own stinking thinking
building more walls
creating more seeking and needing
resolutions created in the solutions
i drink or eat
trying to free myself
from my own creation
the blissful
undulation wave of Life
of infinite love and bliss
is guiding me home
if I had known
it was always there

my freedom
only a thought away
every day
a thought away
now allowing Life
to Breathe Me
once again
as it did in the womb
the cocoon inside which
i came to be me
delivered into this incarnation
with Love beyond comprehension
guiding my breath
holding me
supporting me always to be
the me I came here to be
holding the blueprint
into which I was to grow
with the freedom to choose each thought
adopt, treasure, believe or toss it away
where do I want to play today

I choose to surrender into
that from which I came
the place without a name
eternity infinite all
the call is clear now
all the nourishment I need
emerges from this sea
of creation holding me
this endless Wave of Life
flowing to and through me
when I allow it in
when I surrender into its embrace
I come into harmony
with all of creation
my reality shifts
no more needs
no more seeking
whatever I desire is always present
I am always fed and nourished
by this infinitely  loving wave
of guidance
weaving me perfectly into the
fabric of life
every particle holding its place
perfectly fit into the web
connected or not
we remain precious loved and supported
falling in or out of love with self
never alone
the wave guiding us home
from where we came
and i desire to be
the place from which play
in the hand of the creator
new worlds are born in the bliss
of the orgasmic delight
of one who understands
the real power
of intentional unconditional love

© Morgine Jurdan September 2, 2014

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  1. I don’t know why but I’m strongly coeenctnd to you somehow…anyway, I’m just a Brazilian girl who comes here to fill her heart with beautiful images and feelings and I guess you should read Fernando Pessoa, if you don’t know him, maybe you do.Very few people on this planet realize that we must be graceful just because we live and breath on this land. It’s always good to find inspiring people just like you and I must tell you that most the lately changes in my live are beautiful plants that grew from little seeds you’ve been planting.Wake up everyday and feel wild and free? Yes, I try it every day.hugsAmanda Arantes

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. I am often late in checking them, since I rarely find any at all! I will look up Fernando for sure as I love being exposed to people new to me. Other people inspire me as well. thank you so much for reading and connecting. May be stay connected on some level heart to heart in that we are all one! Much Love & Magic, Morgine

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