I Am Here

I am that I am that I am
I am Source
all of Creation
Love without boundaries
I created all places
I wear all the faces of creation
everything is divine
mine and thine
always revealing, evolving, dissolving
elusive, obvious, hidden
woven through the Oneness you are
the stars the moon the ocean
magic potions and incantations
love never ceases to be
always reaching for itself
even in the hand of a young child holding a gun
a man killing a lion
i am the bullet the bomb the gun the oven
i never cease to be
only changing form
always adorning life itself
yet only with the eyes of truth
can you recognize the face
your own included
be not deluded by lies
i never cease to be
free yourself now
allow love to arise fully from inside
hidden behind anger and pain
allow it to rain again upon the land
hand in hand anything can be healed
when you feel the truth
again revealed
love never ceases to be
only you don’t recognize its face
hiding deep inside the pain
let it rain and rain and rain again
love is everywhere
love is everything
love is always eternally present
you don’t always see me
yet I am always present
not always wearing a face you recognize
© Morgine Jurdan 8-9-2015

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