Orgasms In My Bowl

father sun mother earth
making love all day
light penetrating the soil
leaves and seeds
cells growing and exploding
vibrant orgasms of colors fragrances and tastes
water inhaled into the sky
with the passion of the sun’s flaming rays
orgasming water droplets forming clouds
penetrated by hot blasts of lightening
water falling and penetrating the soil and sand
sensually dancing upon lakes rivers and streams
rocking in orgasmic rhythms on the ocean’s waves
the breezes making love to trees and leaves of plants
dancing around into and through all of creation
making love to each particle as it unites us all
bees euphoric dance with flowers
the lover and beloved sharing and caring for each other
butterfly kisses and bird songs penetrating nature’s wonders
crickets weaving their songs among a chorus of frogs
animals mating and playing and dancing
leaving excrements behind to nourish the soil
eating plants and spreading seeds
life endlessly making love with life
perfect unions of orgasmic delight
I am eating orgasms in my bowl
I am eating sunshine and rain
bird songs and butterfly kisses
the hum of bees and breezes
an entire world of delight woven
into my bowl for me to feast upon
there are not enough words
to express the gratitude I feel
for the gifts laid before me daily
freely, without thought or cost
on the part of nature around me
can I but join their dance and offer
myself as a gift for the pleasure of all
in some way today and every day

loving without conditions, Morgine
© Morgine Jurdan 7-17-2015

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