I Am Source

i am the SOURCE of….

all the love in the world
in the cosmos
in all that there Is
ever was
or has been
or ever will be
a love beyond…
what i could ever comprehend….

i am the SOURCE of…
all the joy i can ever experience
all the happiness i could ever know
the flow of life to me
and through me
the in and out and all around
the sounds of love
which ever permeates
and vertebrates life
into existence

i am the SOURCE of…
everything i know
and ever have known
or will ever know
the first glowing spark
the arc of light
from which everything came
again and again and again
rearranging itself into the new
from one to two and more and more
adoring all it has created
and ever has been
beginning nowhere
never ending
i am it all and ever more
adoring soaring more-ing
everything into existence

i am the SOURCE of…
all my body’s healing
the breathing of my body
the pumping of my heart
the constant formation of cells
from ending to starting
again and again
all my senses are lenses
through which i adore
all i have made and created
everything i have tasted
and savored
every flavor and fragrance
is divinely mine
a sliver of the Essence
is the Vine i grow from
and upon
from dawn to dawn to dawn

i am the Source of
i came here to be
seeing myself freely
upon every leaf and tree
within the soil
toiling and joying
frolicking and playing
infusing my creations
with exhalations of joy
at all I have created
loving and loving and loving
satiated by it all
snowflakes and sunlight
dew upon grass
sparkling light upon water
rainbows on glass
microscopic tiny and small
humans and elephants and whales
planets and galaxies in space
beyond and beyond
i lovingly embrace
and Source it all

it’s me
i am……
the Source…
i could not see
it was always
who or what could i adore
for all that is here to explore
what mistress or master
what wizard or goddess
could i implore
with never ending questions
who created this magical place
the mysteries i never could understand
the love no one could erase
or trace to its beginning
i now see
its my face in the mirror
wherever i look
there i am
in every imaginable creation
the essence is the same
we are all divine
growing on one single Vine
all soaring and adoring
all we are creating
never ending
is this love
not from above
from within
each a part of the whole
each Sourcing more creations
innovations never ending
always mending and melding itself
into the new and new
the me and you

we are it all
and ever will be
the Source of it all
infinitely and always
love everlasting
always glowing within
let our light shine
and brightly lead the way
for everyone to remember
once again
who they truly are
the beginning and never ending
All That Is
Sourcing ourselves
forever more
all we create
knowing the Vine
is divine
and we are all
on it forever
© Morgine Jurdan 5-10-2018

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