Mother Earth

earth earth earth
my mother of all things
solid and in form
warms me when I am cold
flowers from tiny seeds
unfolding into bold
bright colors
your arms
loving limbs of trees
leaves blowing in your breezes
breathing me
breathing you
through each other
we flow
sunshine and snow
dirt between my toes
like your rivers and stars
near and far away
you bring me into each new day
nourishing my body
with delicious foods
helping transform my moods
walking by your lake
or sitting by the ocean’s door
i pour my love into you
soaring above
and crawling below
life never ends
always mending me
no place you begin
except in our imagination
mystery abounds
the sound of my
heart beating
within your loving gaze
caress me forever
as I so love and caress you
carry you in my heart
every day
i am allowed to play here
embraced by your infinite love
all around me
below and above
may we all be embraced
by your eternal grace
as we adore and adore
more and more
all that your bring
as you enternally sing
each day open again
my friend
our friend
beloved earth
bending down
i kiss the grace you be
you and me
eternally we
together again

© Morgine Jurdan 4-22-2018

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