no matter what… i love you!

no matter what….

no matter what
i love you
no matter what
face torn from war
foot limp on the floor
fire scarred face
legs erased from your body
i love you
standing up
laying down
twirling round and round all day
i will play with you
i love you
missing arms to hug
i love you still
your ears are gone
i fill you with love
cannot talk or only frown
whispered words
i’m not alarmed
i love you
your skin is weathered, cracked
your back is bent in half
your body curled into a ball
you’re really big
or really small
i love you still
you stink and smell
i won’t tell anyone
come to me
i love you freely
sit on my lap
take a nap
i love you
weird and lonely
i embrace you
i love you still
beaten down
or standing up
you are more than enough
i love you
you beat the dog
you killed a cat
I love you
without conditions
without reason
a love of steel
no matter what
real love…
been abused
i am here for you
erasing all the traces
of shame and blame
abusers too
i love you
what part of you
left on the floor
scarred and torn
so you go to war on others
i love you too
i don’t like what you do
however hate and rage
never heals me or you
it merely festers and grows
it eats us away inside
we know that
real love
never sees a face
no actions matter
no place for judgment
at love’s door
arms wide open
healing begins inside
riding a new wave
rearranging our lives
colors matter not
sexual orientation
confirmed in this or that
certificates of honor
or not
nothing wedges itself
between me and you
its inside out
inside the heart
which has no eyes
sees through lies
and all the pain
the shame the blame
it rearranges itself
nothing left upon the shelf
everything has a home here
in love’s eternal embrace
you hate me still
you wish me dead
never dread
i love you
infinite and endless
is my embrace
without conditions
i erase it all
the farther away from love’s embrace
you get
the more pain stains your life
the deeper hate’s knife cuts you open
fall into me
i will free you
from that pain
love you infinitely
and endlessly
rearranging those cells
no conditions to meet
we greet each other equally
real love embraces it all
fully and completely
like the sun
never judges
who to bless
and who to shun
plants not withholding themselves
from those whose love
has run away
the neglected dog
gives more love still
playing in its new home
love knows no time
it winds itself around inside you
always there
always waiting to blossom again
an eternal friend
patiently waiting
i love you
no matter what
no matter what
ride a wheelchair
I won’t stare at you
smell like an old shoe
i will still hug you
love’s well is infinite and eternal
long before life’s first breath
long beyond a funeral
it never withers or dies
it lies eternally free
to be itself
always giving
always sharing
always caring
loving you
i do
no matter what
© Morgine Jurdan

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