I love me

for everything i am
for everything i am not
i love me
at my best
at my worst
i love me
smiling frowning laughing
playing screaming crying pounding
i am always Grace
no matter what face i wear
you are my reflection
and I am yours

i love me
for the Sake of Loving
for the Honor and Appreciation
I feel and experience
fully embracing
all of me
for in Receiving
All i am
Every Precious Moment
nothing gets wasted
all of me remains
Whole and Perfect
held in the universal heart
where the Love
which is always embracing me
the Love
which is everywhere and endless
allows space for
my Grace to grow
and know itself fully
once again.
I am so Grateful
i am extended the gift
of my friendship
so i can dance into the beauty
i truly am
© Morgine Jurdan

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