Orgasms In My Salad Bowl *

mother earth
delightedly tickled
by birds pecking for insects
in her soft green grass
roots of trees
sensuously digging deeply
into her rich brown earthen body
seeds bursting with new green life
twining up through the soil
undulating contracting stimulations
nematodes and earth worms crawling
animals digging sensuously or hard
burrowing creatures living inside her
sun stimulating growth
warming her body
and all that grows there
rain massaging her soil
into luscious soft wet mud
the cooling blankets of snow
allowing for pleasurable rest
orgasms of delight
beneath my naked feet

bees sensually dancing
on a flower’s face
exchanging pollen
shudders of ecstatic delight
butterflies kissing blossoms
satisfying rapture peaks
as hummingbirds suck their nectar
spiders weave their webs
bugs joyfully adventure
between the petals and leaves
in the bark of trees
passion amidst the plants
zest and joy climaxing
in the sunlight

luscious sounds
fertilizing flowers and trees
and all the plants i eat
birds songs
a chorus of frogs
crickets singing coyotes howling
love making in the moonlight
the climaxing dance of the sun
caressing the rain
wind’s erotic play
with the leaves of trees
embracing clouds in the air
blowing the ocean’s waves
here and there

orgasms in my salad bowl
exhilarating joyful
pinnacles of delight
eager avid eternal
exchanges of love
satisfying passions
the rapture and glow
wherever i go
nature in love with itself
in love with each other
my salad
lovingly prepared
feels so alive
so ripe and juicy
orgasmic vibrations
still flowing to me
and through me
as we become one
again and again
i pause and breathe in
the grace and love i feel
as orgasms explode
inside my body
and the circe begins again
© Morgine Jurdan

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