Thunders and Whispers in the Silence

When I am quiet and aware in the silence, life speaks to me and through me. Only when I am being totally silent can I truly hear my inner Being, my spirit, my connection to Source. The voice is like thunder at times, sometimes a whisper. It is always present, always ready to guide me, to teach me, to inspire me with ideas, with creativity, to support me with unconditional love. When I listen, I open up, I relax into the present moment. I become more.  The wisdom pouring out takes on a voice, or my own actions unfolding out into the cosmos in a way only I can do through this unique vessel I call mine, here and now.  Inner wisdom takes shape and form in the 3D world when I am open to listening and then taking action, whether merely observing something differently, or creating, speaking, writing or making something physical. It all changes when I am more aware and open to the silence and my heart sings my name in vibrant and magical colors with which to paint my own unique world.
© Morgine Jurdan

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