Jerry I Love You Forever

searching for words

are there words
adequate to express the true meaning
of the love we shared
the freedom we allowed each other
to be ourselves
without conditions
without rules

remember picking up the phone
and there you were
your voice
i had not even dialed yet
how did this happen
and more than once
we both laughed in surprise

those magical rainbow moments
i remember one the first year
i told you i wanted to love everyone
the way i loved you
that very moment
and later
i learned how

our growing two amazing children together
just as precious to you as to me
you did everything we needed
as little growing babies
into parenthood themselves
you taught them how to think for themselves
letting them hammer nails and drive screws
how to mend their hearts and their homes
you always gave gave gave so much
to everyone around you
i wished i could give You
more time
just for yourself

we often wondered
if there was anything you could not fix
cars cameras stoves you name it
hearts emotional coaching
with wisdom to spare
i hear when you were twelve
you loved reading about Edison
took some wires and a train transformer
made a light bulb burn brightly inside a mason jar
would have been longer you told your brother
if you had a vacuum in the jar
genius you were at a young age
needing a stage to play upon
and it was all of our hearts
you wrote upon so deeply
with permanent ink

the many years we made teddy bears
sitting side by side all day long
talking and sharing intimate feelings
wisdom and laughter and love
one-of-a-kind beautiful unique creations
each teddy bear dragon and more
adorned with magical creations
handmade by you in your shop

you loved nature growing gardens camping
appreciating the bees humming in the honey locust tree
birds singing and the mystical silence at night
looking at the stars in the dark blue sky
or serenaded by choruses of crickets and frogs
here in the forest where we lived

you were so many things
impossible to capture in mere words
dancing across this page
you were not merely alive in our world
you lived in a world of your own
and took us inside
with you

now I still feel you
a part of all that is everywhere
bigger than us all
embracing us
with your infinite love
and sparkling smile
may your magical love
you inspiring creative mind
your childlike enthusiasm for life
infuse each of us
with more of the same

you remain in my heart
in my soul
a part of my being
lighting my spirit
your loving presence
shines brightly inside of me
forever smiling
loving you always
and forever

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