The World of Words ~ Beyond Words

You were born into a world of WORDS Morgine. Your entire life has been “defined” by them.  Who are you… has been defined by others growing up: family members, friends, teachers, church, school, media, marketing, classes, books and more! Your Values and the Beliefs, the filters through which you see and experience your entire life, and everyone and everything you experience! Always filtered through these archaic letters strung together, verbalized by voices, today even mechanical ones.

Each and every time you use them, or hear them used, you are often shrinking and sometimes, de-valuing and diminishing, what you are actually experiencing in your life!  How could you ever capture in words… the magnificence, the incredible Wonder and MAGIC of a single tiny speck on a leaf, an egg, which somehow, miraculously grows into a caterpillar?? How does this voracious, leaf eating caterpillar suddenly stop eating and starts creating this cocoon in which it will melt into some MAGICAL soup, which later emerges as a … beautiful, Butterfly, pumping its wings until it flies away and begins this dance all over again!! No words could fully begin to capture this Magic!

There are no words in any language to FULLY express the sheer, utter, incredible MAGIC of these kinds of transformations that happen all around you each and every day in billions of ways… plants, animals, insects, microscopic organisms, fish, whales and beyond. You well know, nothing humans have created can even begin to compare with what surrounds you, each and every day supplying everything humans ever need to survive and thrive here! 

Each Human Being is also a MIRACLE, arising from microscopic cells to full adulthood without a manual! Trillions of functions going on inside your body every nano second of your life, without you needing to know how it works! You know this.

How often do you, or many humans, Simply BE… Fully Present With An Experience in Silence? Without attempting to define it… like a most delicious meal, the most incredible sunset ever seen, the birth of your child? Sometimes the more humans strive to Define and share these experiences with words, the further and further away they can get from the experience itself, and then the Miracle and Magic is often lost in the process. Nature, for instance, to many, no longer holds their heart and soul, and they forget the magic. Communion becomes merely letters strewn across a page, instead of a part of their soul they keep with them forever. When fully experienced, you then treat Nature with the ultimate Love and Respect she deserves in your every Action, because of your gratitude and appreciation is now… Beyond Words.

There is “some kind of Energy” behind all these things humans tend to “define as Life” all around you. There is some… “Energy,” that created everything around you and brings to life everything you ever experience! You use endless names to define “IT.”  Few people, however, ever experience this MAGIC anymore, as humans often use mere Words to define (and sometimes, defile) yourselves and each other instead. If You, Morgine, and others, could experience yourselves as you truly are, at your deepest levels, beyond words, the sheer MAGIC existing within each of you, and each particle of Creation, most killing would cease, and abuse, suffering, confusions, judgments, anxiety, fear, pain… would begin to melt away. The magnificence of your Light would make you smile and feel invincible! 

ONLY when you can experience yourselves Authentically, Innocently, Lovingly… beyond conditions and letters and words. As your Creator experiences each of you, free of definitions. Then you will know “the Truth” of your own beauty and magnificence of who you really are, and who you came here to be. Experiencing yourselves as you were created to BE…   pure, loving, infinite Beings of unlimited, creative potential. You would most often communicate telepathically, fully sharing yourselves with each other. Sharing your experiences More Fully beyond the limitations of words. LOVE, that brings someone to his or her knees, tears of joy and gratitude streaming down their cheeks, feeling things which could never be contained and confined by letters spoken between two people. Unless their hearts were fully open, quietly looking into each other’s eyes, and the words emerged from that very deep place, deep inside their souls….  so that the experience itself was also contained  now Within Them…in that magical space.

From this place deep inside, your new forms of communication would arise and humans would care more deeply about creating any trash that would end up in a landfill pollution the soil and killing various forms of life living there. They would not consider polluting the water, the air, filling the oceans and its creature with plastic, dangerous chemicals and nuclear waste.  These kinds of things would be beyond their imagination. Priorities would be “life enhancing” for your own Precious Life and Everything and Everyone around you and others towards you.

The more humans strive to define, describe and create their “new ideal futures,” sometimes, the further away they become from those goals and the slower it takes to move towards them. You cannot begin to Touch this place with mere words, because the  “right words” do not exist to adequately describe what you really desire to see and live and experience there. You need to FEEL these things, imagine them, get inside them!

First you need to release and let go of every word you ever used to “define yourself” in any way. To fully wash away every single label, no matter even, how wonderful it sounds. Because labels only exist in comparison to something else. Even the words I am sharing with you here. Practice looking in a mirror and “simply just BEING with Yourself” for a few minutes every day. Imagine God, Source, All That is looking back at you in the mirror! To eventually experience, once again, the full LOVE of that which created you. A love you could never, ever express with words alone. Your True Essence of Love & Light as each of you truly are…. beyond measure, beyond words! You are Me and I am You! Only Oneness exists! 

Many came here to Earth, and allowed “words” to separate you from each other and from the Source of your Being, through meaningless games and labels and definitions which Divide you. Which keep you apart from the Truth of what and who you truly are and what you all Share in common.

Morgine, you were all created from Pure Love. You understand this. You chose to come into a world surrounded 24/7, by utter MAGIC  and WONDER your entire lives. You are a Part of everything you see and experience! There is … only ONEness! Sadly not many today, fully engage with it anymore. Things growing, evolving all around you, from microscopic Beings and tiny seeds growing into billions and trillions of towering trees and beautiful, blossoming flowers, each one a Unique One-of-a-Kind original work of art! Some growing and producing thousands of pounds of food to nourish your bodies from tiny seeds, and continuing to reproduce themselves for thousands of years! Others continually creating all the materials you ever need to create and build anything you desire, at your finger tips! Millions of different animals, birds, insects, whales, fish and more all living in harmony except when humans interfere. 

Morgine, the Truth will set you Free when you begin to erase all those labels you (and most human beings) wear consciously and unconsciously. None of those labels or definitions actually can contain … the Truth of who you are, or anyone else you ever engage with. Each and everything you engage with in your life, at some level is beyond magical and magnificent, and miraculous and loving and creative, and nourishing in some way, when you stop and take a moment to be… Fully Present …with them.  As your God, Source is always with you, every moment of your physical life and in spirit, as one of its most Precious Creations, so… everything is! (Some have merely forgotten who they are and so are often in the most pain from that separation, and act out accordingly.) 

There are ways to fall in harmony and in love with every Unique One-of-a-Kind Being, when you begin to Let Go of who you “think you are, who you think others are,” which has always been defined and labeled with words before now. Instead, you “be in their Precious Presence” for a few moments in Silence, appreciating the Precious Unique Being before you right now. In your New World, within that Wordless Space of full and complete Experiencing of yourself and others, will arise the real authentic You, as natural as your breath that sustains you and keep you alive your entire life. 

Behind that magical Energy… which breathes you and sustains you your  body your entire life… is undefinable LOVE. LOVE …beyond measure, beyond words. When you and others finally understand this…beyond words and labels and definitions…. you will be Free to live the life you came here to live, fully and freely. The authentic, unique person you really are, experiencing others and everything as they truly are…. precious beyond words. Only THEN… you can dance together in a way that is beyond any dreams you might have imagined before this… Tally Ho as your teacher shares!! Loving you always… All That Is… Source.. Creation…God…Allah…whatever “label” you want to use! Ha ha ha ha ha….. 

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  1. I love the many ways….all that surrounds “US” – the energies – the love – the wonder- the awee…..our surprise LOOK, our wonder. There is so many energies, and so many – most of us that judge, and re-consider, and change our minds. It is all simple, as well as complex.
    I LOVE knowing you communicate with animals – what a gift. I am sure you have blessed many!
    Thank You for being in my life,

  2. Ronnie,

    Thank you for your lovely, loving response. So wonderful to know there are other kindred spirits in this world! Thank you for reading. I made my sites long ago. I don’t know how to do key words and all that stuff. So I feel honored when someone finds me! Have a Beautiful Year. Celebrating Love’s Magic, Morgine

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