A Love Beyond Meaning

A Love Beyond Words….

I woke up from a dream, as a close friend was leaving a restaurant, enraged and angry with me. “You could have waited!!! I never want to see you again!” he shouted as he stormed out the door. A few minutes earlier, I was across the street, sitting in an eloquent, expensive place, waiting almost an hour past the time we had agreed upon. No phone call, text or message of any kind. I called him and he did not answer. I went to my car and decided I was hungry, so walked to this inexpensive place across the street, for a bite to eat.

In the moment, I felt guilt arising inside as my friend left. I wondered why I didn’t wait longer? Maybe he lost his phone or the battery died. However, it never went any further. Forgiveness fully embraced me as Love penetrated every cell of my being, every atom and particle of me. I telepathically, lovingly connected with my friend, heart to heart. “I am sorry. Words are not enough to explain my sadness and my conflicted thinking in the moment. However, I forgave myself fully and I forgive you and your anger. I am at peace embracing myself and You with that Divine Love beyond meaning, beyond words.”

I continued. “Someday when we pass into spirit, we will enter that place where only Love resides and all these kinds of things are seen through those eyes of a deeper understanding. That place where only Love, deeper than we can imagine or experience here on earth, exists. I am choosing to step into that place now, long before that happens. I am choosing to live there now. Maybe, in the future, you will join me here. I love you. I am sorry.  I thank you for understanding beyond these words.”

In that moment, my Forgiveness process began in an instant once again. I forgave anyone and everyone whomever intentionally or unintentionally did something to anger me, hurt me, upset me in any way, in this lifetime, and all lifetimes, all the way back through my first incarnation. I forgave myself for anytime I intentionally or unintentionally angered, upset, or hurt anyone else in this lifetime and all lifetimes back to my first incarnation. I applied this to my plant and animal friends as well, and all of Nature. I bathed the planet and all its forms of life with my Love. I sent more love to all realities and dimensions and galaxies and universes knowing there is only Oneness and we are all interconnected.

I now understand there is really no “other.” There are only trillions and zillions of other particles of …Creator, God, All That Is, Source, Allah, Jehovah….(whatever name we choose) playing out all the different “roles” in my life to help me evolve myself!  I am Unique, One-Of-A-Kind, original Work-of-Art with my own Unique Perspectives about everyone and everything in my life! The One Essence of Life… which beats my heart, breathes me, sees through my eyes, digests my food, expels the waste, knows my every thought, exists within every Particle of Creation everywhere …..is within Everything and Everyone else too! There is “no other” be it human, plant, animal, bird, fish, microbe…..  I am always and eternally, infinitely gazing at myself playing out different roles to expand the Awareness of the utter Greatness and Power of my own Beingness! 

Giving away all my money and belongings, and living as a homeless person does not help the world as much as giving fully, all the LOVE which I AM, to everything and everyone! I shifted the entire planet and all the universes as far as my mind can expand, when I LOVE from this place that has No Limits or boundaries (that I am yet aware of) and encompasses all of Creation. I am Powerful Beyond Measure when I remember and begin to understand, more fully, the True Nature of my Being. The true Infinite, Eternal, Blessing I am to the world. As I walked out to my car, my friend was there waiting and we shared a long, silent, heartfelt embrace. Love is all there is. Loving you all, Morgine 

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    • Ilse Blackstein
    • February 27, 2023

    Wonderful, Morgine, I celebrate with you.
    I remember you saying some time ago, you hardly felt energies ?
    So that raises my hopes, as I hardly ever feel anything, but know inside, I received the energies. Love. Ilse

  1. I am an actual Highly Sensitive Person, born that way. I only discovered that about 3 years ago watching a documentary and taking a test, reading a book. I used to have nightmares after watching movies with my family on the original black and white TV with only 3 channels. Today I understand why I gave up TV over 25 years ago. (I am 73). I cannot stand any kind of violence. I stopped remembering my dreams. Today I do affirmations about remembering my dreams and their loving guidance. I am sure that is why I stopped having visions and could not see doing visualizations or feel things. We are each unique. I am finally beginning to feel sometimes during our meditations and celebrate each one! One step at a time. Living rurally, out in nature, where there still is no cell phone service yet, helps. I am very patient, not addicted to technology and flow more with Nature. IT will come Ilse. Just keep doing that meditation where we give all that is getting in our way to those Masters and Guides to Dissolve for us. Or do that in your own meditations. I keep doing that again and again…Thank you Guides, Masters, all Benevolent Beings. please Dissolve whatever is getting in the way of my seeing things in visualizations and feeling things…and it is now beginning to happen!! Blessings to you and thank you for reading!! Love always, Morgine

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