Waking Up!

I preface this with six days of mysterious symptoms of sudden weakness and I cannot get out of bed sometime for 30 minutes. (I live alone.) The past few months my energy has gone to almost nothing. I get tired walking about the house. A neighbor ..stranger to me now a friend, drove me to Urgent Care and the Legacy Emergency for tests, including basic blood and EKG and everything is fine. Two days ago my son was talking to me from Boston (I live in WA state) called 911 while I was stuttering and shaking and could barely talk. They arrived and it was over and all tests OK. I have no prime care MD yet in Medicare as I cannot find one taking new clients so no tests ..like for my Heart, can be ordered for me. I read almost all the Seth books by Jane Roberts 30 years ago and BELIEVE I CREATE My Own Reality. I realized I had been using all my tools to try and heal myself which puts the Focus on my Problem.  I turned my vision totally around and have been feeling better and better since then!! My Life is Amazing from this point of view!!

 I AM that I AM!!

I am god. I am All That Is. Created in the image of All That Is. (as it says in many different scriptures, ) Every particle and cell of me is Source Energy living with me, as me, through me, within me, breathing me, beating my heart, carrying on millions of functions in my body my entire life… knowing me better than I know myself. All That Is…is Me, every Particle of Creation! IT is every micro organism, every plant, animal, fish, bird, rock, the air, water, every planet, galaxy and beyond what I can yet comprehend!

I really AM that… as Abraham-Hicks says …powerful beyond measure! I can create my own worlds, my own beings, creatures, adventures, and more. Everything is always working out for me! Abundance abounds. There is nothing to fear. Well-being abounds everywhere ….because everything was created from this incredible, magical, inspiring foundation of LOVE!!!  I realize that I am constantly being bathed with this Incredible LOVE by everything around me when it’s living from this place, like most of nature, some works of art and music, some people, and more.  This incredible LOVE is at the Core of ….within….ALL of life …..and every particle of creation, every being, every creature, all humans ….are all …this  Incredible LOVE …at the CORE of their Being ……without conditions, beyond meaning beyond measure, and that is ME too…. And ….You too!  (Some have merely not aware of this or have forgotten. They need to be Loved More and More and they will finally remember this!)

When I finally can fully own this myself, and live it….everything around me looks different and my life has transformed in more ways than I can probably understand. Today I got this intellectually …maybe tomorrow, or the day after… No!!    …maybe now and now, and now.. in the Eternal now… I will begin to live it more fully…. As we all transform this world together…🙂❤️🙃🧚‍♀️😀🐞🥰🦋💕💐🐝🐾🐾🐾🐾🐈💐🐾🐾🐾🐾.  (I am never A “victim” of anything. I am the “Creator” of Everything which happens….so ‘I” can change it!)

Loving Everyone Always,  Morgine Jurdan

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